Timeline of the Mongol Empire During Genghis Khan’s Rule Infographic

The Mongol empire was founded in 1206 by Genghis Khan. At its peak, it spanned a huge area from the Persian Gulf to the Danube River and the Pacific Ocean. During this time, its territory covered around 9 million square miles. This makes it the biggest contiguous land empire in the history of the world.

While the Mongol Empire is most referred to in history books for its warfare, it was also a symbol of productivity and peace. Steppe dwellers started this movement with humble beginnings, but the empire soon became very successful due to mastering the advanced technology of the time. The first one to lead this empire was Genghis Khan, who remains one of the most powerful and controversial figures in history.

Genghis Khan played a large role in shaping the Mongol Empire and hence its influence on the rest of the world. By uniting the peasant economy in China and the tribes of Mongolia, he was able to reform laws and bring in a military cum feudal government form. He was also a proponent of trade, religious freedom, and using the-advanced inventions such as leather armor, gunpowder, composite bows, stirrups etc. If we look at Genghis Khan’s contributions by the numbers, they are quite impressive and far-reaching. 

Needless to say, all this contributed to the rise of the Mongol Empire and shaped how wars will be fought in the future as well. Let’s now have a look at the timeline of the Mongol Empire and how it fared in the reign of Genghis Khan.

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Timeline of the Mongol Empire During Genghis Khan’s Rule