Top Fashion Designers Infographic

The fashion industry is made up of several fashion designers, but not all of them have the same success and influence. The very top fashion designers have well-known names and brands all over the world. They might be in a small minority, but these names have lasted over several decades. Many are still going strong even years after their original founders have passed away or retired. 

The biggest names in the fashion industry are mostly known and loved for their unique viewpoints and creative designs. They weren’t afraid to stick their neck out and follow their passion with an obsession. These designers would challenge the previously rules and boundaries of style, design, and the fashion industry as a whole. Their looks have continued to provide inspiration for newer designers. Even if someone isn’t consciously interested in fashion, the outfits they pick out and wear have probably been influenced by the top fashion designers. 

Each of the top fashion designers in the past 100 years have their own famous quotations and representative creations. They have unique aims for the fashion they design; for example, Coco Chanel was of the opinion that luxury should always be comfortable. 

With the rise of the fashion industry, we can see more and more fashion designers entering the market at a speedy rate. However, the following names will probably always stand out when it comes to fashionable designs and styles:

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