US Presidents By The Numbers Infographic

The President of the United States (POTUS) is a powerful position not just for the country, but on an international level. In the US, the elected president has a lot of authority, making them among the most powerful elected officials in the world. 

To this date, every POTUS has their own interesting history and development leading up to obtaining this coveted position. Once they were in power, they left their own legacy; which might be negative or positive. Whatever the case, getting informed at least the basics of the US presidents is probably a good exercise for anyone interested in how the world works on a political level. 

Many countries and government system have idealized the democratic form of government in the United States. Having the ‘government of the people, by the people, and for the people’ seems to have served the country well so far. This is just one reason why it’s worth reading up on the various US presidents and how they operated. 

Looking at the American presidency by the numbers is quite an interesting exercise. For instance, many of us know that the POTUS can only be elected for two terms. This wasn’t always the case until the ratification of the 22nd Amendment since more terms were looked upon as a threat to democracy. There are several other interesting facts and stats about the US presidents, so let’s have a glance at them now:

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US Presidents By The Numbers