World’s Weirdest Bugs Infographic

Bugs are found all over the world; they come in several shapes and sizes, colors, patterns, and other characteristics. Some of them have very unique abilities as well, such as smelling food with their feet or producing silk. We may have preconceived notions of what bugs look like; there are insects with many legs, caterpillars and worms that slither about, and grasshoppers that have long legs to jump with. However, there are some bugs that stand out among the more usual varieties. 

While around 900,000 species of bugs are known to us right now, there are probably millions more that we have yet to find and name. Bugs are everywhere; they’re present on every continent and probably on every human body as well. Since we can’t escape bugs, we might as well know more about them. The weirder kinds might be especially interesting, so let’s have a glimpse at some of the best examples of strange, weird, and sometimes scary bugs:

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World’s Weirdest Bugs