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Berries – The name itself is enough to give you the major cravings of this amazing fruit. Berries are not only consumed as a fruit directly but also used in a variety of desserts such as cakes, pastries, shakes, and much more. Needless to say, the world is crazy about berries. However, when we see this fruit in terms of numbers, we find out that the berry fans have put this amazing   fruit on top of many others. Let’s evaluate this in the form of some berry graphs and infographics. 

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China’s Fresh Production of Strawberries

China's Fresh production of strawberry 2016-2019

China is the major producer of strawberries. The country has vast resources in terms of farming land which can be used to produce berries on a mass scale. Over the past few years, China has emerged as a major player and a somewhat monopoly in terms of strawberry market. They can produce it at the cheapest possible price as well. For this reason, the demand has increased in the past few years which have also led to an increase in production of strawberries. 

As of 2016, the strawberry production was about 2,690,000 metric tons which showed a positive trend in the upcoming years as well. In 2017 it rose to 2,860,000 Metric Tons and in 2018, it crossed the 3,000,000 metric tons benchmark as well. By 2019, this number reached a figure of 3,220,000 metric tons. 

Strawberry Production in the United States

Strawberry production in the US

If we compare the production of strawberries between the US and China, the US would be a very insignificant number. This is because the US imports the majority of it to fulfill the demand of strawberries in the country from other countries such as China. However, there are two popular coffee production spots in the USA as well which includes California and Florida. 

In 2020, California had a total production of 215,000,000 CWT for strawberries. In the same year, Florida had a smaller number which was only 1,780,000 CWT. This amount would be suitable to fulfill the local demand for strawberries only. It will only reach a few other states and that too, if the local demand gets fulfilled. 

Global Market Value of Berries

Berries Global Market Value

Now comes the big number which is related to the global market of berries. Up until now, we have evaluated the production of berries in China as well as the United States. However, there are a number of other players in the market as well which account for a major proportion of berry production globally. 

In terms of monetary value, the global market for berries is $39,820 million. According to various reports, statistical evaluations and trends, it can be forecasted that this number is going to be at an amount of $54,480 by 2027.  

Top Exporters of Different Types of Berries

Top exporters of berries

Although China is one of the biggest markets of strawberries, it is not among the countries which exports other types of berries. This is mainly because China is majorly growing strawberries and not the other berries at a mass scale. However, other countries do take part in the berry business by exporting it to different countries. This graph summarizes the different types of berries that are exported and by which countries. 

Raspberry, Blackberry, Mulberry, and Loganberry are some other forms of berry that are majorly exported by Spain (23.3%), Mexico (22.1%), and Morocco (13.4%). Other countries in this list include USA (12.1%), Portugal (10.6%), and others (18.4%).

Category Share of Berries (Sales in US as of 2020)

Category share of berries sales in the US in 2020

As the USA is one of the importers as well as exporters of different types of berries, it has a well-versed market for the product as well. There are several types of berries, each of which has their own contribution to the berry market of the USA. From the 2020 reports, it has been found out that strawberries are on top of this categoric share which account for about  44.2% of berry sales in the USA. 

Other berries in this list include Blueberries (28.8%), Raspberries (14.6%), Blackberries (9%), Mixed (1.8%), AO Berries (1%), and All Other Berries (0.6%). 

Different Types of Berries and Their Calcium and Calories Content

Calcium and calories

We have evaluated that the berry market is quite huge and the demand is increasing. While the taste is one reason, the health aspects of berries are also an important reason why people consume berries. The nutritional content of berries varies by their type. However, if you really want to consume them for health benefits, we recommend you eat blackberries because they contain 29 mg of Calcium and 43 calories. 

Raspberries are also good as they contain 25 mg Calcium but 53 calories. Strawberries are not that healthy because they contain only 12 mg Calcium with 33 calories. Blueberries and Cranberries are the unhealthiest forms of berries. Blueberries contain only 9 mg Calcium and 57 calories while Cranberries have 4.4 mg Calcium and 46 calories. 


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