Antwerp Diamond Heist and The Many Theories Surrounding It

Antwerp Diamond

Antwerp, Belgium. It is a city that boasts centuries of history in the diamond trade, and whose diamond district is a buzzing hub of activity. The city’s reputation and economy are inextricably linked to the diamond industry, making it the perfect target for a heist of epic proportions. And that’s exactly what …

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What Are the Odds of Finding a White Peacock?

Peacocks are majestic birds renowned for their vibrant plumage and ornate tail feathers. They are an enduring symbol of beauty, grace, and pride, inspiring countless works of art and literature throughout history. But have you ever heard of a white peacock?  Despite being less common than their colorful counterparts, white peafowl are …

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What Happens When a Caterpillar Transforms into a Butterfly?

Monarch butterfly on lantana flower

Picture this: a tiny, wriggling caterpillar munching away on leaves, gradually shedding its skin, and emerging as a stunning butterfly with wings as delicate as fine lace. It’s a transformation that defies the imagination and leaves you in awe of the mysteries of nature.  This metamorphosis is nothing short of a miracle, …

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What Are the Odds of Having Different-Colored Eyes?

What Are the Odds of Having Different-Colored Eyes

What do Jane Seymour, Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis, and Keifer Sutherland have in common? Their eyes have different hues, a medical condition known as heterochromia. This rare genetic variation affects only a small percentage of the population, making it a highly coveted trait among Hollywood stars.  But what are the odds of …

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What Happens to Your Immune System When You Get Vaccinated?

administering a vaccine

Even before the uproar surrounding COVID-19, concerns about the safety and reliability of vaccines were already expressed by people around the world. In fact, the effectiveness of vaccines is one of the most controversial topics that have never really died down over the years.  Many strong and valid arguments are raised against …

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History of Skateboarding

skating at a skatepark

Skateboarding has a vibe and culture all its own. While most people consider skateboarding as a fun activity, there are also some that regard it as an action sport where the best of the best can showcase their skills and tricks.  Skateboarding was a sport that emerged from surfing during the 1950s, …

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Origins of Dragons

Throughout history, dragons have independently appeared in the mythology, folklore, and artwork of numerous cultures and civilizations. [1] The Latin  ‘dracōnis’ and the Greek ‘drakōns’ are the origins of the word “dragon,” which first appeared in the English language in the 13th century. [1] Dragons appear in myth and folklore from all …

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Ranking The Goods Traded Between the USA and China

the usa and china flags

HISTORY Chinese foreign trade began as early as the Western Han dynasty (206 BCE-9 CE), when the famous “Silk Road” through Central Asia was pioneered by Chinese envoys. During later dynasties, Chinese ships traded throughout maritime Asia, reaching as far as the African coast, while caravans extended trade contacts in Central Asia …

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Learn About the Ancient Roman Gods

an art about Roman mythology

Background Like the ancient Greeks, the ancient Romans also had rich mythology, which defined the rich history of the Roman people as they grew into an empire. But before one can delve into a study of mythology, one first needs to understand the concept behind a myth. These myths appear as simple …

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Everything You Need To Know About Shoe Sizes

measuring shoe size

Background When buying shoes, one of the most important things that you need to consider is your shoe size, especially now that shoes can be ordered online. However, the challenging part is that sometimes, the sizing of shoes varies depending on the brand, where it is made, and for what gender. Not …

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