Learn More About the Reign of Terror During the French Revolution

mutiny of France

People have the power to bring a change for better or for worse! Time and again humans have proven how their puissance to bring a change had rattled the governments, brought authorities on their knees and caused havoc. And what could be a better exemplification of this than the French Revolution that …

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What Are the Odds of Having the Short Sleep Gene?

woman waking up after a restful sleep

It is typical for adults to need around seven to eight hours of sleep every night in order to keep their bodies functioning properly. While some struggle to achieve this goal consistently, there are some lucky individuals for whom the need for regular sleep does not apply. These people possess what is …

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Learn More About the History of Neo-Gothic Architecture

Representation of Gothic-style architecture design

The Neo-Gothic architectural movement developed in the 18th and 19th centuries as an attempt to reconcile the old with the new in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. Pointed arches, intricate details, and stunning stained glass – all brought to life in towering structures that continue to captivate and inspire. The elegance …

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Origins of Chocolate

chocolate bars

Chocolate is a universally loved “sweet” that comes in all shapes and sizes. This delectable ingredient can be found in candy, cakes, pies, ice cream, bread, and drinks. Chocolate helps us celebrate almost every major holiday, and we can usually give them to loved ones on Valentine’s Day or Christmas so that …

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What Happens When You Get a Migraine?

woman suffering from migraine headache

Migraine is a debilitating neurological disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. To say that migraines can be a real pain is one way to describe the misery that they bring. But with an estimated 10% of the world’s population affected by them, the medical community knows that it’s not just all …

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What Are the Odds of Having Synesthesia?

a visualization of synesthetic stimulation

Do you sometimes experience unusual sensations when you look at or hear certain things? Have you ever had the feeling that colors have a smell? Or that music has a texture? If so, you may have a condition known as synesthesia. This rare neurological condition manifests itself in a way that most …

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What Happens When We Hiccup?

lady hiccupping after drinking a sour beverage

It’s a weird and funny feeling when you hiccup. It is an interesting phenomenon that we all experience at one time or another. But what exactly is happening in our bodies when we hiccup, and why do they occur? Have you ever wondered what exactly causes this weird sensation? The short answer …

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The World’s Greatest Paleontological Hoax: The Piltdown Man

authentic can be fake

Stirring up controversies have always been an enticing premise for man. Some do it out of curiosity, some have a voracious desire for the fame (good or bad) that comes with it, and others are just bored. But whatever the reasons, the brouhaha and frenzy that stir up can become a source …

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What Happens When You Faint?

Fainting is unsettling for most people. It can happen suddenly, and we aren’t always aware of preventive measures. Sometimes, it’s nothing to worry about and can occur due to temporary factors like dehydration or exhaustion. Other times, it may signal a medical condition. This post covers the causes of fainting, preventive measures, …

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