A Deep Dive Into Pearls – The Natural Gem

Different variety of Pearl

Background Pearls, which are regarded as the world’s oldest gem, have been prized for over 4,000 years. Pearls are mentioned in several historical and religious texts from all over the world, and all these documents demonstrate how highly the people loved pearls. Pearls are the only jewels that originate from a living …

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Monkeys

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Monkeys

Background Fascinating, naughty, and often mysterious, monkeys are classified as primates, characterized by relatively larger brains as to their body size and a high degree of intelligence.  While they’re commonly known for their loud noises, playful antics, and for “terrorizing” humans and other animals, there’s so much more about our primate cousins …

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Interesting Facts about Parrots

Macaw parrots sitting on a tree branch

Parrots are among the most colorful and social of all birds. Some of them even have the ability to mimic both the sounds of other birds and humans. They may live 30 to 70 years in captivity. Parrots are found on all tropical continents and a few subantarctic islands. What follows is …

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Snakes

a large green-eyed Green pit-viper

Background Among the many different animals in the world, one of the most feared is snakes. A lot of people have a fear of snakes that they can’t quite place. This is not surprising as snakes are consistently portrayed as evil figures in art, literature, and in the media. That is why …

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Exploring the Great Barrier Reef

aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef

Background Coral reefs are known to be large underwater structures that are made of skeletons of colonial marine invertebrates referred to as corals. The coral species that create reefs are called hermatypic or “hard” corals. These corals extract calcium carbonate from seawater to make a hard, durable exoskeleton that protects their soft, …

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The Earth’s Mountains By the Numbers

Standing woman on the hill against mountain valley at bright sunny day

Background tMountains are landscapes, massive slabs of rock that rise from the earth’s surface, including the oceans. They have steep slopes with rounded or sharp ridges and a high point known as a summit or peak.[17] However, there is a lot to learn about mountains that can help you better understand these …

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Discover the Awesome World of Cats

A trip to the awesome world of cats

Background Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. They are virtually anywhere, living from homes to apartments, alleyways, and barns. Indeed, these felines have become an integral part of our society, with estimates of more or less half a billion of them living around the world. Many of these …

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There Are Bugs Everywhere!

Collage of different insects

Introduction Everyone may not love bugs, but we certainly have to live with a lot of them! There are bugs crawling on our bodies right now, and probably a lot more hidden all around our homes, offices, schools, etc. Many of us also see bugs on a regular basis, try as we …

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Cattle Call – Cows By the Numbers


Background Cattle are among the most popular farm animals in the world. It’s not hard to tell why: cattle have contributed a lot to human survival, providing us with milk, meat, nourishment, labor, and other by-products we utilize in everyday life. On a different note, cows also play a significant role in …

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Explore the Amazing World of Dogs


Background Today, dogs are beloved members of our family and a vital part of our human society. They are our faithful companions, living, playing, cuddling, and even sleeping with us every day. With their incredible capacities, dogs also herd cattle, assist military forces with various tasks on the battlefield, help in police …

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