Lucha Libre Mania: The Thrilling World of Mexican Wrestling

The two wrestlers in masks fighting in the ring

The fighting game that started in Mexico, in the 19th century, is more than just a mere wrestling. Translated as a “struggle or a fight”, Lucha Libre is a freestyle wrestling that involves a lot of acrobatics and high-flying kicks. What makes this wrestling unique is every participant wears a mask. The …

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Exploring the Diversity of Sporting Culture in Australia

stadium seats decked in Australian flag

Australia is a country that loves sport. From cricket to rugby, AFL to soccer, it seems like anywhere you go in the country, you’ll find a stadium or court full of passionate fans. But Australia’s sporting culture is so much more than just the big-name sports. It’s a rich tapestry of many …

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Sun, Sea, and Cinema: Discovering the Caribbean Film Industry

The fleet of ships in the Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean film industry is an untapped gem, offering a rich blend of cultures, stories, and cinematic techniques. While it may not have the global reach of Hollywood or Bollywood, it holds its own unique charm. From Jamaica’s vibrant dancehall scenes to Trinidad and Tobago’s compelling narratives, the Caribbean is steadily gaining …

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Muay Thai Madness: The Thrilling World of Thai Boxing

Man giving training to  the woman for Muay Thai

After watching his action flicks, who didn’t try to imitate Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist? We all did as children. If you are into Martial Arts or have been obsessed with all things related to Martial Arts then you certainly must be aware of Muay Thai, the traditional Martial Art of …

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Beyond the NBA: Exploring Basketball Cultures around the World

Players playing the game on the outdoor court.

Sports have the power to bring people together, Basketball is not any different in this aspect. Whenever the game fever rages, people forget every difference and enjoy the game together. From music to advertisement, fashion to literature, basketball culture influences life in every aspect. Though now embraced by people of all nationalities, …

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History of Skateboarding

skating at a skatepark

Skateboarding has a vibe and culture all its own. While most people consider skateboarding as a fun activity, there are also some that regard it as an action sport where the best of the best can showcase their skills and tricks.  Skateboarding was a sport that emerged from surfing during the 1950s, …

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Charting the Amazing Career of Wayne Gretzky

ice hockey player

Wayne Gretzky is regarded as one of, if not the greatest hockey player by many fans, sportswriters, and players that currently play in the NHL or National Hockey League. His greatness can be seen from his performance on the ice hockey rink, as he has held more than 50 NHL records, which …

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Exploring The Wizard of Oz – An American Cultural Phenomenon

For over seventy years, The Wizard of Oz has captured the imaginations of people all over the world. Frank Baum’s fantastical story about a girl who is transported to a strange land where she must find her way back home fhas been translated into dozens of languages and adapted into several different …

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Hollywood’s Golden Age


The term “Golden Age of Hollywood” refers to the period of classical Hollywood filmmaking, which began with the silent film era and the first significant full-length silent film, “Birth of a Nation” (1915). The demise of the studio system, the advent of television, the rising costs, and subsequent losses, most notably “Cleopatra,” …

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What Made Muhammad Ali So Great?

Muhammad Ali

Background One may have a huge impact not just on oneself but also on his family, the people around him, and the entire world by discovering inner greatness. They will undoubtedly respect and treasure this effect for the rest of their life. Muhammad Ali was a former heavyweight boxing champion from the United States …

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