eSports by the Numbers

an eSports team during a tournament

Background The eSports industry is among the industries in the world today that show no sign of slowing down. There are lots of huge stadiums worldwide that are being filled by professional sports tournaments, and millions of spectators at home tune in to watch their favorite players and teams battle it out … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About the Gold Industry

person holding gold nuggets

Background On the Periodic Table of Elements, the 79th element is gold, and it is one of the more recognizable of the bunch. It is a shiny and malleable element, which makes it a good metalworking material. It represents a small fraction of the elements in the known universe. Its uncommonness is … Read more

Exploring America’s Love Affair with Pizza

people getting slices of pizza

Background Similar to pop music, football, and democracy itself, pizza is also among the long American tradition of things that started overseas before the United States imported, changed, and eventually defined the establishment. Even though the very first pizza shops did not open in America until the early 20th century, hundreds of … Read more

The Amazing Bacon Industry

crispy and delicious-looking bacon strips

Background When you hear the word “breakfast,” what foods come to mind? There are many different breakfast food items that are popular today, but one of the most favorites is bacon. Its combination of saltiness, crispiness, and fattiness makes a lot of people crave for it, not just in the morning but … Read more

Discover More About The American Snack Industry

different kinds of snacks

Background In addition to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, most of us eat in between these meals, which is referred to as snacks. People usually snack at least once during the course of a day, and there are many reasons behind it. One of the most common scenarios is that people’s stomachs … Read more

Learn About Headphones

black headphones on a white background

Background Many people today use headphones and earbuds. These are accessories connected to different devices like mobile phones and computers to hear sounds. Most of the time, they are used for listening to music or watching movies, but they can also be used for other purposes, such as when calling or answering … Read more

It’s a Fast-Food World

Preparing individual pizzas

Background The National Institutes of Health (NIH) state that “Fast food is defined by a convenience food purchased in self-service or carry out eating venues without wait service.” [1] Fast food is easy food to pick up in a hurry, with a minimal wait time, which is why we call it “fast … Read more

Ice Cream Industry By The Numbers

Ice cream flavor in cones

BACKGROUND Ice cream is everybody’s favorite dessert. Undoubtedly, we all crave ice cream at one time or another. Whatever the celebration, ice cream always finds itself on the center stage. This delicious frozen sweet remains a favorite among family and friends. Ice cream sweetens and strengthens the bond during a gathering. For … Read more

The Music Industry By the Numbers

Rock band performing at a concert

Background The music industry is a lucrative business. As a vast number of people are fun of listening to music, attending concerts, and downloading the sound, the music industry remains a force to reckon with in terms of profits and cultural influences across global borders. As a high-level form of art, everyone … Read more