Learn About the the Rich History and Culture of Mexico

Photo of folklore dancer dancing in mexico mexican culture and traditions

The world has been attracted by Mexico, a land of enchantment, for millennia because of its rich tapestry of history and culture. Mexico’s past is a treasure store of captivating tales and profound heritage, from the prehistoric civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs to the influences of Spanish colonization and the transforming …

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Quantifying the World: Exploring the History and Importance of Measuring Units

Different measuring tools

The humble measuring spoon, watch face, bathroom scale, or yardstick seem as ordinary as ordinary can get. But they represent a language fundamental to human civilization. It’s not a language of words, sounds, or images. It’s far more subtle and silent. It’s the language of measurement units. Often underappreciated, measurements have quietly …

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From Sketch to Runway: The Evolution of Fashion Design

fashion designer sketching

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Power, War, and Wisdom: The Role of Gods in Ancient Roman Society

The beautiful fountain and gods sculpture in Rome

The ancient Roman civilization was under the rule of Roman gods and goddesses for many years. Among them, Jupiter, with his strength and magnificence, held the power to bring calamities upon the world. On the other hand, Venus, the goddess of beauty, fertility, and victory, possessed a gentle yet captivating charm that …

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Learn More About the History of Neo-Gothic Architecture

Representation of Gothic-style architecture design

The Neo-Gothic architectural movement developed in the 18th and 19th centuries as an attempt to reconcile the old with the new in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. Pointed arches, intricate details, and stunning stained glass – all brought to life in towering structures that continue to captivate and inspire. The elegance …

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History of Skateboarding

skating at a skatepark

Skateboarding has a vibe and culture all its own. While most people consider skateboarding as a fun activity, there are also some that regard it as an action sport where the best of the best can showcase their skills and tricks.  Skateboarding was a sport that emerged from surfing during the 1950s, …

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Learn About the Ancient Roman Gods

an art about Roman mythology

Background Like the ancient Greeks, the ancient Romans also had rich mythology, which defined the rich history of the Roman people as they grew into an empire. But before one can delve into a study of mythology, one first needs to understand the concept behind a myth. These myths appear as simple …

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Learn About the Ancient Greek Gods

masks of the Greek gods

Background Ancient Greek mythology includes vast and fascinating legends about gods and goddesses, as well as heroes, monsters, warriors, and fools that were an important part of daily life in the ancient world. These myths explained everything from religious rituals to the weather and gave meaning to the world that people saw …

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