What are the Odds of Living to 100?

man calculating odds of living to 100

The answer to what are the odds of living to 100 is a bit complicated. It depends on many factors with where you live being one of the most important. Not all regions have the same life expectancy, which refers to the average number of years people live in a specific region. …

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What are the Odds of Becoming a Professional Athlete?

a silhouette of a winner holding a medal in his hand and celebrating

Being a professional athlete is likely a dream for many people. But what are the odds of becoming a professional athlete? Is it feasible?  Are you living on luck, or do you truly have a shot at competing on the big stage someday? How likely is it actually for you to be drafted into …

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What are the Odds of Being Attacked by a Shark?

a white shark with its jaws open

Although sharks rarely attack humans, it becomes a sensational news story when they do. In most cases, though, human beings are not part of a shark’s diet, and these animals typically choose to flee from humans rather than attack them. usually, shark bites do not kill their victims, so it is possible …

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What are the Odds of Being Left Handed?

a left-handed person writing something in a notebook

Approximately 10% of the world’s population is left-handed; about 90 percent of people are right-handed, with 1 percent being ambidextrous. Hence left-handers are outnumbered about 9 to 1 by right-handers. [1] Moreover, the odds of a man being left-handed are 1.23 times higher than the odds of a woman being left-handed. [2] …

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What are the Odds of a Plane Crashing?

airplane shakes

The news of a plane crash can be frightening, leaving many to wonder if flying is any safer than driving. What they fail to realize is that car crashes usually don’t get the attention plane crashes do and there are too many car crashes happening around the world to report. What scares …

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What are the Odds of a Parachute not Opening?

Skydiver in the air

A lot of people have skydiving on their bucket list. While the idea of free-falling from a plane hundreds of feet above the ground may seem frightening, those who love it swear by it. However, there are times when parachute malfunctions have led to injury or death. If you are thinking about …

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What are the Odds of Getting Struck by Lightning?

According to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Natural Disasters and Severe Weather), around 40 million lightning strikes hit the ground each year in the US [1]. Fortunately, the odds of getting hit by a lightning strike is less than one in a million. Almost 90 percent of …

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What Are the Odds of Finding a Four-Leaf Clover?

Four leaf clover

Clovers are a common type of herb, occurring naturally in many parts of the world. While it doesn’t live long, this plant has a lot of uses. Each tiny stalk usually features compound leaves with three-toothed leaflets. However, at times you may find a rare four-leaf clover. In some cultures, a four …

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What are the Odds of Having Twins or Triplets?

a young mother holding twin babies in her arms

The odds of having twins or triplets are higher in some women than others. If you’re 35 and/or have given birth to one or more children, your chances of having twins increase. But there are also some other factors that can affect your odds of having twins or triplets. For example, if …

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What are the Odds of Winning A Large Jackpot Lottery?

Lotteries are very popular in the United States and several other countries. There are several kinds of lotteries available, with varying rules, chances of winning, prizes, and jackpot amounts. What people get most excited about is the coveted jackpot prize for the one who wins the lottery. This is usually a very …

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