Learn More About the Reign of Terror During the French Revolution

mutiny of France

People have the power to bring a change for better or for worse! Time and again humans have proven how their puissance to bring a change had rattled the governments, brought authorities on their knees and caused havoc. And what could be a better exemplification of this than the French Revolution that …

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Visualizing the Oldest Active Monarchies in The World

British monarch

History Monarchy is a type of governance in which executive power is vested in a single person, who normally rules for life. Typically, monarchies are hereditary, meaning that the position is passed down from one generation to the next. While the history of democracy as a form of governance begins in ancient …

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The American Presidency by the Numbers

the seal of the president of the United States

Background In many countries that have parliamentary forms of government, the office of the president or head of state is mainly ceremonial. But it is different in the United States as the president is bestowed with great authority and is perhaps the most powerful elected official in the world. The Founding Fathers …

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Learn About the Amazing History of the Russian Czars

a wedding of a Russian czar

Background Russia is among the most powerful and influential countries in the world today. But did you know that around 400 years ago, the modern nation we know today did not exist? Instead, lots of Russian territories dotted the landscape during the middle ages. It was a perilous time for the Russian …

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The Amazing History and Impact of Chinese Dynasties


The Chinese empire is among the world’s most resilient historical empires. Various dynasties—family groups that governed the empire—rose and fell throughout its long history. A dynasty is a period during which a certain family dominated. [1] Single dynastic families frequently ruled for hundreds of years until being deposed by another great dynasty. …

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Democracy By the Numbers

a graphic art of people holding signs with “vote”

Background Democracy is known to be a political system with institutions or governments that allow their citizens or people to express their political preferences. It is in contrast to autocracy, which does not allow citizens to express their political preferences and is not guaranteed civil liberties. A lot of people in different …

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