Ranked: Wealthiest Countries in the World

American Us Canadian Australian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan banknotes

The wealth of a country is calculated based on its total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Since the GDP is directly proportional to a country’s consumption and spending, measuring the consumption expenditure helps calculate the richest countries in the world. The factors taken into consideration while calculating the wealth of these countries are …

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Ranked: Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World

Las Vegas skyline illuminated at night

Traveling around the world is an activity that many people dream of. If you want a chance to be a part of one of the most attractive, colorful, and big countries in the world, then it is time for you to go on a tour. The world has far too many famous …

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Ranked: Largest Fast Food Restaurant Chains in the World

Subway fast-food restaurant branch in Esslingen downtown

Fast food restaurants offer a fixed menu of items that are quick to prepare and serve. Fast food is typically less nutritious than other foods, but it can be very convenient for people with a busy lifestyle.  Fast food was developed to provide a quick meal for people in a hurry (for …

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Ranked: Most Populous Cities in the World

Crowd of people walking on Shinjuku pedestrian crossing in Tokyo

With over 7.9 billion people on the planet, it’s no surprise that cities have become home to billions of people as well. You’d think that the most populous city in the world would be China or India, with their immense population. You’d be surprised to learn that Japan’s Tokyo holds the number …

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Ranked: World’s Least Affordable Cities to Buy a Home

Classical pitched slate roof house with pool and garden

Since we are living in a globally interconnected economy, the ups and downs of one area’s economy can have a significant impact on the economic position of another. The foreign economy is a hot issue for entrepreneurs looking to invest abroad. If someone is launching a firm on a global scale, he …

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Ranked: Top 10 Producers of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power plant

Introduction and a Brief History Nuclear reactors generate around 10% of the total electricity produced globally. Although nuclear fission is one of the most reliable and cheapest ways of producing of power, constructing a nuclear plant involves a lot of capital and technical expertise, which is why it’s still a difficult market …

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Ranked: Biggest Airports in the World

Airplanes at Cancun International Airport

There are many words that you can use to describe an airport. Huge, busy, exciting, and even confusing are a few of them. When it comes to the “finest” airports, people have different ideas about what makes an airport great. Some people may think that the best airport is one where there …

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Ranked: Cheapest Countries for Starting a Business

Sealing the deal with a handshake

Everyone aspires to be the boss of their own business, but there are many factors to consider before starting one. Your investment is the most influential factor, among others. Even if you are establishing a private company, the government and economy of the country you are in have a significant impact on …

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Ranked: Countries with the Largest Economies

Green arrow upward on a stack of coins and growth graph

The world is experiencing a period of unprecedented economic growth. As the global financial crisis subsides and economies recover, countries are focused on their own national growth while eyeing potential expansion into other markets. National economies are growing, but which country’s economy is the largest? Let’s find out. But before we go …

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