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Cows comprise one of the largest populations of herbivores on Earth. As the use of cows is in different sectors such as farming, milk industry, leather industry, and meat industry, their production is high all over the world too. As a result of this, there has been a constant increase in the demand for cows which has also promoted cow farming on a larger scale as well. For this reason, we can see that the cow industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry globally. From the following graphs, we can evaluate the cows in the form of numbers.

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Global Cattle Population from 2012 to 2021 (In Millions)

Global Cattle Population from 2012 to 2021 (in millions)

The cattle population all over the world has stayed constant with not much increase or decrease. Only minor fluctuations have been observed. This is one of the most important reasons why we can say that the prices of beef meat have increased over time. The population has increased while the cow population has stayed fairly the same. In 2012, there were about 1001 million cows which declined gradually to the lowest possible amount of 969 million in 2015. It then came up with an increase as well and in 2021, the global cattle population was again at 1000 million. 

Ranking of Countries with Largest Cattle Population

Ranking of Countries with the Largest Cattle Population

The cattle population is there all over the world and spread in a quite diversified manner. India comes on top of this list with 305 million cows while all others have less than 100 million cows. The main reason why India has such a large population of cows is that cows are considered sacred in Hinduism so they are not used for the purpose of eating on a large scale. The US and European Union both have 95.5 million cows while China has 95.6 million cows. All other countries have quite a small number of cows with them. Australia, New Zealand, and Russia are also having over 10 million cows each. 

US States with Most Cattle (As of 2019)

US States with the Most Cattle (as of 2019)

The US is one of the biggest markets for cows. There are farms all over the US. However, some states have this trend more than others which is why the prices of beef are cheaper in these states compared to others. The most cattle is in Texas which accounts for 13 million cows followed by Nebraska having 6.8 million cows. Kansas is also close with 6.35 million cattle while Oklahoma has a 5.3 million cattle population. California has 5.15 million cows. All other states have less than 5 million cows which include Missouri, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Colorado. 

Top Cow Milk Producers in the World (In Million Metric Tons)

Top Cow Milk Producers in the World

Milk is one of the most essential items for our good health. It is used in a variety of cuisines including food items as well as desserts. Although India has the largest cow population, it is actually the European Union which is the topmost milk producer in the world producing over 157.5 million metric tons a year followed by the USA with 101.02 million metric tons. India comes third with 93.8 million metric tons of cow milk production a year. All other countries are far behind with milk production of less than 35 million metric tons a year. This includes China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, and Belarus. 

Top Fluid Cow Milk Consumers in the World

Top Fluid Cow Milk Consuming Countries in the World

Fluid milk can be defined as processed milk that is used for creating beverages. It is generally free from colostrum and obtained from healthy cows only. People prefer this milk compared to other types of chemically processed milk because it is natural. India comes on top of this list as it consumes 81,000 metric tons of fluid milk followed by the combined American continent with more than 40,000 metric tons of milk consumed. The EU comes next with 33,400 metric tons of milk consumption. All other countries have less than 13,000 metric tons of milk consumption each including China, Japan, Belarus, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Annual Global Beef Production (In Metric Tons)

Annual Global Beef Production

Beef is produced at a mass scale mainly because the food industry has promoted it on a great level. Fast food restaurants offering beef steaks as well as the trend of beef barbecues all over the world have made the industry quite big. In 10 years from 2010 and 2020, the annual global beef production has increased by 7%. As of 2010, it was at 56.9 million metric tons while in 2019, it reached its peak at 61.5 million metric tons. A minor dip was seen in the year 2020 when the global beef production reached 60.57 million metric tons.  

Top Beef Producers in the World

Top Beef Producers in the World

The majority of annual beef production all over the world depends upon a few of the top beef producers in the world. The US is the biggest producer of beef in the world with 12.6 million metric tons of production. Brazil is close to 10.4 million metric tons of beef production. The EU and China are quite close with 7.7 and 7 million metric tons of beef production. Other top beef producers in the world include India (4 million metric tons), Argentina (3.1 million metric tons), and Mexico (2.1 million metric tons).


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