Genghis Khan’s Military Generals Infographic

Genghis Khan is known as one of the greatest and most feared leaders in the history of the world. A lot of history books only talk about how the warlord gave rise to several atrocities and laid an unprecedented trail of destruction. However, the Mongolian still think of Genghis Khan as a hero and their ruler.  

The rise of Genghis Khan’s power was not just by conquering one foe after another. He solidified his standing by bringing unity to his people, defying old traditions, and following new perspectives such as encouraging the leadership of women. With these practices, he was eventually able to build up the largest empire in history.

A lot of his success is also said to come from his choice of military generals. These were three in number and said to be geniuses in their field. Their names were Mukhulai (Muqali), Zev (Jebe) and Subedei (Subutai). None of them were from his family or his descendants in any way. They were also from different Mongol tribes, but their combined talent and aptitude resulted in the victory of the Mongolian troops all across Asia and Europe.

Even the appointment of these generals was one of the main reforms that Genghis Khan carried out; before this, the custom was to only let related dignitaries inherit the leadership of the army. Abolishing this tradition, Genghis Khan only chose military commanders who were distinguished, loyal, and in possession of excellent leadership skills. He also gave them privileges similar to those of family members and allowed them a lot of autonomy on their campaign. If we check out the statistics of Genghis Khan’s rule, these generals have a lot to do with his successes.  Let’s have a glance at these military leaders and their accomplishments:

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Genghis Khan’s Military Generals