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Ice Cream is an all-time favorite dessert item, not just for the kids but for adults as well. Over the years, many brands have positioned themselves in the Ice cream industry which is why it has grown so much as well. Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s, and Walls are a few of the popular ones. Some of these companies such as Baskin Robbins have grown so much that they have introduced 31 different flavors. In terms of numbers, the ice cream market is huge and we can evaluate that with the help of the following graphs.

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Top Ice Cream Consuming Countries of the World

The Top Ice Cream Consuming Countries Of The World

While it’s true that ice cream is a favorite for most, some nations have taken this to the level of obsession. This includes New Zealand at the top which has 28.4 liters of ice cream consumption per capita per year. The US is not far behind and ranks second by having 20.4 liters of ice cream consumption per capita per year. Other countries in the respective order include Australia (18 liters per capita), Finland (14.2 liters per capita), Sweden (12 liters per capita), Canada (10.6 liters per capita), Denmark (9.8 liters per capita), and Ireland (8.4 liters per capita).

Size of the Global Ice Cream Market Between 2013 and 2024

the global ice cream market

The global ice cream market has grown to billions and is expected to have a consistent rise in the upcoming years. From the graphs, it is evident that in 2013, the global ice cream market was around $49 billion which has kept on increasing. Despite the crucial time of COVID-19, the ice cream market has flourished significantly and had no decline whatsoever. Forecasts predict that as of 2024, the ice cream market is going to cross the $75 billion mark.


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