Impressionist Painters By The Numbers Graphs

Impressionist Painters were once quite famous during the 19th century. They used the painting technique called Impressionism where small and visible strokes were used to create a painting. The most surprising part was the fact that there were unusual visual angles as well as ordinary themes during Impressionism. The entire technique was specialist and unique which is why they faced resistance from the artistic community in France. The impressionist painters were once quite famous and we can evaluate that with the help of the following graphs.

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Who was the Most Prolific Impressionist Painter?


As the impressionist movement grew, many artists joined it. The most popular impressionist painters have hundreds of art pieces to their names. From the graph, it can be seen that Camille Pissaro had 1636 impressionist paintings, which is the most for any impressionist painter. In the second spot is Pierre-Auguste Renoir who had 1412 impressionism paintings under his name followed by Claude Monet with 1365 paintings. Edgar Degas and Alfred Sisley were far behind and had 625 and 471 impressionism paintings, respectively.

Most Expensive Impressionist Paintings

Most Expensive Paintings Impressionist Paintings

While impressionist painters faced resistance and problems initially, some of them created spectacular art pieces which are worth millions today. Among the most expensive impressionist paintings, Paul Cezanne’s Card Player is on top with a value of about $340 million. The next two most expensive impressionist paintings are Moulin de la Galette by Renoir and Nympheas by Monet valued at $188 million and $113 million respectively. Even the combined value of these two paintings does not match the total of Paul Cezanne’s Card Player. Other most expensive impressionist paintings include Spring, Danseuse au Repos, Boulevard Montmartre, and others as shown in the graph.

Cezanne’s Most Expensive Paintings

Most Expensive Paintings (Cézanne)

Paul Cézanne was a famous French artist and impressionist painter. He is mostly named for bringing a revolutionary form of art as he made the transition between impressionist paintings and modern paintings. CardPlayer has been his most expensive impressionist painting which was sold for $259 million and, if adjusted for the price according to 2020, values at $338.4 million. Monst Saint Victorie was sold for $100 million which values for about $123 million as of 2020. Rideau Cruchon Et Compotier was his third most expensive painting sold for $60.5 million and valued at $111.5 million. On fourth, it is Vue Sur L’Estaque Et Le Château D’If which is valued at $24 million as of 2020.

Monet’s Most Expensive Paintings


Claude Monet is referred to as the Founder of Impressionist Painting. He is considered to be the most consistent and prolific painter of this technique. The main purpose of his paintings was to express one’s perception of nature. Nympheas is his most expensive impressionist painting which was valued at $113 million while Haystacks comes close to $110 million. Other most expensive paintings by the painter are highlighted in the graph.