Madonna By the Numbers



Madonna is often addressed as the “Queen of Pop,” and she’s among the most popular international artists in the world. She is famous for her constant reinvention as a performer. She’s an American singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and actress whose immense popularity in the ‘80s and ‘90s allowed her to achieve a high level of power and control that were nearly unparalleled for a woman in the entertainment industry. In this post, we are going to give you some of the most important information about Madonna, particularly her career. This includes her childhood and early life, how her career started, her first songs and albums, and how she rose to fame. This also includes her top-charted songs and albums and the many awards that she received throughout her career.

Madonna’s Biography

Madonna is a fascinating self-promoter who drove herself to stardom on the pop music charts, in concert halls, in music videos, and in film.

Early Life

Madonna’s original name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. She was born on August 16, 1958, in Bay City, Michigan, in the United States.[1] She was born into a large Italian-American family. She has five siblings named Christopher, Anthony, Martin, Melanie, and Paula, and she was the third among them. Her father’s name is Sylvio, but he is also known as Tony. He was a design engineer for Chrysler/General Dynamics. Her mother, named Madona Louise, on the other hand, was of French-Canadian descent.[2] She was an x-ray technician and a former dancer.

In 1955, after her parents were married, they moved to Pontiac, Michigan, so that they would live close to Tony’s job as a defense engineer. Three years later, Madonna was born. Being the third of six children, she learned early on how to handle her role as the middle child. Madonna’s childhood was very much affected by her parents’ strict observation of the Catholic faith.[3]

According to Madonna, her mother was very religious, and there were always priests and nuns in their house growing up.  This is why many elements of Catholic iconography, including her mother’s Sacred Heart statues, the custom of the nuns at her elementary school, and even the Catholic altar where her family prayed daily, later on, became the subject of her most controversial works.[3]

Death of Her Mother

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Madonna’s mother is one of the biggest influences on her early life. However, during her pregnancy with Madonna’s youngest sister, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since she was pregnant during that time, her treatment needed to be delayed until the baby reached full term. However, by that time, the disease had grown too strong. Madonna’s mother passed away at the age of 30 on December 1, 1963. Madonna was only five years old when that happened.

Madonna’s adolescence was greatly affected by the loss of her mother. She was haunted by the memories of her mother’s weakness and inert character during her final days. With this, Madonna became determined to make her own voice heard. According to her, the biggest reason she was able to express herself and not be intimidated was that she did not have a mother. One of the examples she gave was the fact that mothers teach kids manners, and according to her, she did not learn any of those rules and regulations.[3]

After her mother died, his father married one of the women hired to care for the Ciccone household named Joan Gustafson. The adjustment was not easy for Madonna, being the eldest daughter.[2] Madonna fought hard against the rules imposed by her stepmother. According to her, she often made her take care of the younger children in the family, which is a task she greatly resented. That was the time Madonna thought that she wanted to do something else and get away from all of that. That was when she began to rebel against her traditional upbringing. She turned her conservative clothes into revealing outfits, and she frequented gay nightclubs and rejected her religious background.[3]

Madonna’s Love for Music and Dance

In Madonna’s early school years, she acted in school plays. In her teenage years, she discovered her love and talent for dancing. This was an activity she pursued with the direction and leadership of Christopher Flynn, Madonna’s private ballet instructor.[2] She was able to balance the insubordinate side of her personality with a drive for high achievement. Madonna was a straight-A student, cheerleader, and disciplined dancer. She also graduated from high school a semester earlier than her colleagues.[3] Due to her hard work, she was able to earn a full scholarship to the dance program at the University of Michigan in 1976.

While Madonna was studying at Michigan, she was given a scholarship to study in New York City in the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in 1977. In addition to that, it was followed by a rare opportunity to perform with choreographer Pearl Lang in 1978. Madonna’s dance instructor urged her to accept the offer. That’s why after two years of studying in Michigan, Madonna decided to move to New York and further her dance career.[3] During that time, she only had thirty-seven dollars with her, but lots of determination and ambition.[2]

Madonna’s Pop Music Breakthrough

Time Square in NYC with many people

When Madonna reached New York, she moved into an apartment in New York City’s East Village. It was a poorer neighborhood that was filled with drug problems and crimes.[2] She paid her rent there with a handful of odd jobs, such as serving at the Russian Tea Room, nude art modeling, acting in low-budget movies, and performing for the American Dance Center.[3] Madonna danced for a while with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and studied with choreographer Pearl Lang.

Later on, Madonna went to Paris, France as a singer and dancer, together with French disco artist Patrick Hernandez. She had developed a fascination with music. She sang backup in several small bands and played the drums.[2] In 1979, Madonna started dating Dan Gilroy, one of the founding members of a ska-influenced pop-punk band, the Breakfast Club. He introduced Madonna to the head of a vaudeville review in Paris. This is why she also spent some time in France working as a showgirl.[3]

When Madonna returned to New York in 1980, she wrote and recorded songs.[2] She joined Gilroy’s band as the drummer and became the lead singer later on. She also formed different bands of her own over the following years, such as Madonna & The Sky, Emmy, and The Millionaires.[3] In 1982, Madonna was signed to a recording contract with Sire Records.

Madonna’s Rise to Stardom

1981: “Everybody”

In 1981, Madonna went solo and hired Camille Barbone of Gotham Records as her manager to get her singing career on track. She was the one who showed Madonna how to navigate the male-dominated music business industry. She also helped her put together a studio band that accentuated Madonna’s hip style. A musician in her band and friend wrote Madonna’s first hit, “Everybody,” and her impetuous business style was used to get the recordings to Mark Kamins, a music producer in New York. Kamins was the one who helped Madonna score a record deal with Sire Records. In 1982, “Everybody” topped the dance charts. [3]

1983: Madonna

After using the success of “Everybody” as leverage, Sire Records was convinced by Madonna to produce her full-length self-titled album in 1983. Madonna was a slow album to make but was also a steady success. This album included her hit singles, “Borderline,” “Holiday,” and “Lucky Star.” Soon after the album’s release, women all over the country were emulating the distinct sense of fashion introduced by Madonna, including wearing fingerless gloves, fishnet stockings, lace lingerie, and big crucifix necklaces. In 1984, Madonna also earned an appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. There, she told the host that “to rule the world” was her main ambition. [3]

1985: Like a Virgin

In Madonna’s 1985 follow-up album, Like a Virgin, the intensity and determination were apparent. This album hit number one on the Billboard Chart and went platinum within a month. The title track was produced by Nile Rodgers, and it was later on listed as Madonna’s biggest pop hit of all time. The song stayed on top of the charts for six weeks. In addition to that, she also had other top five hits from the album, which included “Material Girl” and “Angel.” [3]

In the same year, Madonna also starred in her first mainstream feature film titled “Desperately Seeking Susan,” wherein she performed the soundtrack’s single, “Into the Groove.” The song also hit number one on the U.S. dance charts. After that, her next single was “Crazy for You,” which she performed for the film “Vision Quest” in 1985. It also became a number one hit. Later on, she started her first music tour called “The Virgin Tour” and watched as 17 of her consecutive songs climbed to the Top 10 on the Billboard Chart. Along with that, she was also creating iconic music videos and continuously re-crafting her persona. [3]

1986-1990: Movies and More Hit Songs

Madonna’s life in the next five years was like a rollercoaster. In 1985, she married actor Sean Penn and starred with him in the 1986 movie “Shanghai Surprise”. After that, she went on to star in three more movies, such as “Who’s That Girl” in 1987, “Bloodhounds of Broadway” in 1989, and “Dick Tracy” in 1990. She also released four more hit albums during these years, which are True Blue in 1986, Who’s That Girl and You Can Dance in 1987, and Like a Prayer in 1989. [3]

Movies and Music in the Late 1990s – Present


Madonna had proven her adaptability as a star in both music and film. Some of the films she starred in include the critically acclaimed screen adaptation of the Andrew Llyod Webber musical “Evita” in 1996, which featured Antonio Banderas. Madonna won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. In the film, she also performed “You Must Love Me,” which gave her an Academy Award for Music – Original Song.[3]


In 1998, Ray of Light was released. It was an album that reflected Madonna’s study of the kabbalah, which is an ancient Jewish teaching, and her interest in Far East Indian culture. The electronic influence of this album kept her in touch with modern dance culture. This proved to critics that Madonna knew how to stay ahead of the pack. The album earned Grammy Awards for best dance recording, best music video, and best pop album.[2]


In 1999, Madonna contributed the single “Beautiful Stranger” to the soundtrack of “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.” It won a Grammy Award for best song written for a motion picture, television, or other visual media. [2]


Madonna co-starred in the film “The Next Best Thing” in 2000. The film received poor reviews, but the soundtrack did well. It featured two songs from Madonna, “American Pie,” a remake of the Don McLean classic, and “Time Stood Still.” [2]


In 2002, Madonna moved from the big screen to the London West End stage when she joined the play “Up for Grabs.”


In 2003, Madonna wrote her first children’s book titled “The English Roses.” It was in the same year that her album American Life was released.


Madonna was inducted into the inaugural United Kingdom Music Hall of Fame in 2004.


Her album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, was released in 2005. Around this time, she became the artist with the most gold-certified singles in the United States. She had beaten the longstanding record of The Beatles. In the following years, Madonna’s success continued. She released more music and albums, including Celebration in 2009, MDNA in 2012, Rebel Heart in 2015, and Madame X in 2019.

Personal Life and Children

From 1985 to 1989, Madonna was married to actor Sean Penn. In 1996, she gave birth to Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, whom she had with her lover and personal trainer named Carlos Leon. When 2000 came, Madonna married British director Guy Ritchie and gave birth to their son named Rocco John Ritchie in the same year. However, they separated in 2008.

On the eve of Madonna’s 50th birthday, she faced more challenges in her personal life. In 2007, she spent the year fighting allegations that she circumvented traditional Malawi laws to bring home her newly adopted son named David Banda. Critics accused her of using her wealth to fast-track the adoption process. This was a charge that she strongly denied. There was a union of 67 local rights groups that challenged the temporary custody order on the grounds that current laws in Malawi do not allow international adoptions.

On May 28, 2008, her application to adopt the boy was approved by Malawi’s high court. After that, she decided to adopt from Malawi again. In June 2009, after another legal conflict, she was granted guardianship of a child named Mercy James. In February 2017, Madonna announced that she had adopted twins named Estere and Stelle from Malawi.

Controversies About Madonna

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Madonna’s drive for success is also mixed with her fondness for scandalous behavior. Here are some of the controversies that she faced throughout her career:

“Like a Virgin” MTV Video Music Awards Performance

Madonna’s performance of her popular single “Like a Virgin” at the MTV Video Music Awards was controversial. It involved squirming around suggestively onstage in a wedding dress. Then came her marriage to Penn, which was flawed by reports of domestic violence and his assault on a photographer. That behavior landed him in jail for a month and led to their divorce, which was very public.

“Like a Prayer” Music Video

Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” music video aired in 1989 on MTV. It was part of a well-paid Pepsi endorsement. It was controversial as it featured interracial relationship themes, a blending of sexual innuendo and religious ideologies, and the burning of crosses. This resulted in Pope John Paul II urging fans not to attend Madonna’s concerts in Italy. Pepsi also pulled their endorsement of Madonna.

Even though there was a public outcry, Madonna still became more popular than ever after the airing of the music video. In fact, the album placed the number one title track, along with other hits, such as “Cherish,” “Express Yourself,” and “Keep It Together.” When 1991 came, Madonna had already achieved 21 Top 10 hits in the United States and sold over 70 million albums internationally, producing $1.2 billion in sales. In April 1992, Madonna founded Maverick Records, a label under the Warner Music Group, to further control her career.

“Truth or Dare” Documentary

In addition to Madonna’s music, she also continued to gain attention by pushing social boundaries. The first one for this was through the film “Truth or Dare” in 1991. It was a revealing documentary about her Blonde Ambition Tour. Then, in 1992, it was followed by publishing “Sex,” which was a soft-core pornographic coffee-table book that featured her in different erotic poses. Even though it was very controversial back then, it was able to sell 150,000 copies on release day in the United States alone. After three days of its release, all 1.5 million copies of the first edition were sold out in different parts of the world. This made it the most successful coffee table book ever released.

In the same year, the album Erotica was unveiled and proved equally successful. By the end of 1992, it had reached double-platinum status. After that, Bedtime Stories was released in 1994, with the groovy lead single “Secret” and the melancholic “Take a Bow.”

Madonna In Numbers

In this section, we are going to take a look at Madonna’s achievements. These include her greatest billboard hits, top-selling albums worldwide, top-earning world tours, and the different awards that she received.

Madonna’s 20 Greatest Billboard Hits

Madonnas Top 20 Greatest Billboard hits

1. Like a Virgin

“Like a Virgin” is the title track and lead single from her 1984 album. It topped the Hot 100 hit singles in 1984 and spent six weeks in the number one spot. With this, it became one of Madonna’s signature songs. The song was written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. It was produced by Nile Rodgers.[4]

2. Vogue

“Vogue” was originally planned to be the B-side of “Keep It Together,” which was Madonna’s tribute to the fierceness that is vogueing. But it was released as a single on its own. The song is a thumping dance number, and it also has an iconic and glamorous black-and-white music video directed by David Fincher. The song peaked at number 1 in 1990 and spent three weeks on top. [4]

3. Crazy For You

“Crazy For You” is a slow dance song that became very popular after it was released. In fact, in 1985, it replaced the all-star charity single “We Are the World” by the USA for Africa out of the number 1 spot. But before that, it stayed in the number 2 spot for three weeks before it topped the chart. [4]

4. Take a Bow

Did you know that “Take a Bow” spent more weeks at number 1 compared to any other Madonna single? In 1995, the song topped the Hot 100 chart and stayed there for 7 weeks. “Take a Bow” was co-written and co-produced with Babyface. Surprisingly, this song was never performed in concert until the Rebel Heart Tour in 2016. [4]

5. Justify My Love

Like many of Madonna’s other singles, “Justify My Love” is a song that spawned a music video that garnered more attention than the song itself. This was because its video was so racy that MTV declined to air it entirely. But Madonna chose to sell the video as the first-ever commercially available video single. The song placed number 1 on the Hot 100 chart and remained on top for two weeks in 1991. [4]

6. Like a Prayer

“Like a Prayer” is among the most controversial songs by Madonna, as we’ve mentioned earlier. But who would’ve thought that it would end up being performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2012? Back in 1989, the song topped the Hot 100 chart for three weeks. [4]

7. Papa Don’t Preach

“Papa Don’t Preach” is a song about a young woman who’s confessing to her father that she’s become pregnant and opting to keep her baby instead of giving it up. It became number one on the Hot 100 chart in 1986 and remained there for 2 weeks. [4]

8. Live to Tell

“Live to Tell” is the lead track from Madonna’s 1986 album titled True Blue. It was a haunting ballad written partially for the movie “At Close Range,” which starred her and her then-husband, Sean Penn. In 1986, the song landed at the number 1 spot on the Hot 100. It was accompanied by a music video that featured a toned-down Madonna. It was one of her first major so-called reinventions. [4]

9. Music

“Music” is a more recent Billboard Hot 100 number 1 by Madonna, which peaked in 2000 and stayed on top for 4 weeks. The song was the lead single of the “Music” album. The song and a fair portion of the album were co-written and co-produced by Madonna and Mirwais. [4]

10. Open Your Heart

“Open Your Heart” is the third single from Madonna’s True Blue album. On February 7, 1987, it placed number 1 on the Hot 100. The song marked Madonna’s 5th chart-topper. It was also accompanied by a music video wherein Madonna appeared as an exotic dancer who becomes friends with a boy, which was played by dancer Felix Howard. [4]

11. Material Girl

For a lot of people, “Material Girl” might be the song that they would assume to be a number 1 hit for Madonna. However, that is not the case. It’s because it topped out at the number 2 spot on the Hot 100 tally in 1985. The song also became a nickname for Madonna. [4]

12. I’ll Remember

“I’ll Remember” was a song made for the film “With Honors”. It is among Madonna’s singles that have peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. This song also holds the record for the most number 2 hits in Hot 100 history. It peaked at the second spot in 1994 for four weeks, next to All-4-One’s “I Swear.” [4]

13. Causing a Commotion

This song was the second single from her soundtrack, Who’s That Girl. It peaked at number 2 for three straight weeks in 1987. It also ranked as the biggest Hot 100 hit of Madonna without an official music video. [4]

14. Express Yourself

In 1989, “Express Yourself” was released as the second single from Madonna’s Like a Prayer album. In the same year, it peaked at number 2 on the Hot 100 chart. It also has a video that was directed by Davin Fincher. It was the first of four video collaborations between two artists. [4]

15. True Blue

In 1986, “True Blue,” which was the title track from Madonna’s album, spent three weeks on number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. This song has only been performed at two of her concerts, which is kind of an indication of Madonna’s lack of fondness for the track. [4]

16. Cherish

This song peaked at number 2 in 1989. It has a companion video clip that was first directed by photographer Herb Ritts. He was also the one who shot Madonna’s album covers for True Blue and Like a Prayer. [4]

17. La Isla Bonita

This song seems to be one of Madonna’s favorites. It’s because it has been included on the setlists of many of her concert tours. It is the 5th and final single from her album True Blue. It reached number 4 on the Hot 100 in 1987. [4]

18. Secret

This song was co-produced and co-written by Madonna with Dallas Austin. It was the first single from her Bedtime Stories album. It is a hip-hop-lite song that reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1994. It was stuck behind Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You” and Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do.” [4]

19. 4 Minutes

This was the only second single that was released in the United States from Madonna, wherein she shares credit with another artist. Timbaland and Justin Timberlake joined forces with her on this song. It was five years after Madonna paired with Britney Spears for “Me Against Music”. The song peaked at number 3 in 2008. [4]

20. Angel

This song is one of the many singles that Madonna co-wrote with Stephen Bray. In 1985, it reached number 5 on the Hot 100.

Madonna’s Top-Selling Albums of All Time

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Madonna is considered the queen of pop and an icon whose career is filled with popular songs. She has maintained her spot at the top in the music industry through the years. Most of the songs she has produced are self-written from scratch. She broke records as a female singer by releasing top-charting albums constantly in the late 80s and 90s. Even though there are now many new female artists that have established themselves in the industry, Madonna still continues to impress her fans with new releases. [5]

She had more than 300 million records sold worldwide, and she is also the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time. Here are Madonna’s top-selling albums of all time:

Madonna's Top selling albums of all time

1. The Immaculate Collection

In November 1990, Madonna’s album, The Immaculate Collection, was released. It’s a collection that is composed of remixes of 15 of her hit singles from 1983 to 1990, plus two new tracks. This compilation was a special dedication to the Pope. It sold over 30 million copies worldwide, which made it her highest-grossing album. It was also a unique collection as it was the first one to use QSound technology in its production. It also topped the U.K. charts for nine weeks.

 2. True Blue

In 1989, Madonna’s True Blue album earned her recognition by the Guinness World Records as the best-selling female album. The collection was inspired by and dedicated to her ex-husband, Sean Penn. It was able to top the European Top 100 charts for 34 consecutive weeks from its release in June 1986 to early 1989. The album is estimated to have sold 25 million copies worldwide.

3. Like a Virgin

This was Madonna’s second studio album, and it was produced by Sire Records. Some of the songs in this album were co-written by Steve Bray. It gave her international recognition as it sold more than 21 million copies worldwide. In fact, this album was the first female album to sell more than 5 million copies in the United States and Madonna’s first album to top the Billboard 200. It topped the charts in different parts of the world, including New Zealand, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands. It also received lots of criticism, which became her breakthrough in the music industry.

4. Ray Light

This album was created by Madonna together with award-winning producer William Orbit. It had brought in a new unexplored genre for her with a mix of electronica, techno-pop, dance, and trip-hop. In its first week, it sold 371,000 copies, and Madonna earned four Grammy’s from it out of her six nominations. The album topped at number 2 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and sold more than 16 million copies worldwide.

5. Music

Madonna’s album, Music, debuted on September 18, 2000. It hit the charts at number one in more than 23 countries in the world. It was her greatest victory since 1989. It has received a triple-platinum certification and sold 11 million copies worldwide.

 6. Like a Prayer

In March 1989, Like a Prayer was released by Sire Records. It was a pop album that included elements of funk, gospel, dance, and soul, featuring live instrumentation. This album had set the bar high by touching on sensitive topics, such as sexuality and religion. The title song started controversy as it mixed profanity and spirituality in its music video. But the album was a universal hit, and it sold 15 million copies globally. It is among the 20 greatest albums of the 80s by Slant Magazine.

7. Confessions on a Dance Floor

The Confessions on a Dance Floor album includes songs that are energetic and happy, and as well as a series of heartfelt and emotional songs. This album also made it to the Guinness World Records as it topped the charts at number one in 40 countries. This album was produced by Warner Records. It also earned Madonna a Grammy for the best electronic/dance album. In 2005, it became the biggest-selling album of the year, with more than 12 million records sold up to 2020.

8. Evita – OST

Evita was produced by Warner Productions, and it was the soundtrack album for the Buena Visa musical drama film with the same title. The film starred Madonna. The main credits for performing 15 of the 19 tracks were retained by Madonna, but other performers were also included in the album, such as Jonathan Pryce, Jimmy Nail, and Antonio Banderas. The film’s premiere boosted the album’s position on the charts. It was then followed by Madonna’s Golden Globe Award after it placed at number two on the billboard 200 in 1996 and sold 11 million copies worldwide.

9. Something to Remember

In 1995, a compilation album that included four singles was released. It was a surprise following rumors that Madonna’s career had ended. This album included a cover of “I Want You” by Marvin Gaye and two more unreleased singles. The album became triple-platinum after shipping 3 million copies and sold more than 10 million copies globally. The release of this album was also used as a distraction to divert the attention of the people from her controversies during those times.

10. Greatest Hits – Vol. 2

In 2001, a compilation of Madonna’s greatest hits was released. It included her favorites that according to her, she could replay five times in a row. However, this album was criticized for not including anything new. The promotional single, which was a remix titled GHV2 Megamix, was the only original song in the album. Madonna was unavailable during the launch of this album as she was filming in Malta for the movie Swept Away. But the album still unexpectedly sold more than 7 million copies worldwide. It even became the 14th best-selling album in 2001. [5]

Madonna’s Top-Earning World Tours

According to Touring Data, Madonna had eleven first concert tours, which earned a total of 1.5 billion USD from 15.23 million tickets sold combined.[6] This made Madonna the highest-grossing female artist and the first woman to reach 1.5 billion in ticket sales in history. Here are her top-earning world tours, including the estimated number of tickets sold, estimated revenue, ticket price, and the number of shows.

Madonnas Top earning world tour

On average, Madonna’s overall touring numbers are 136.6 million gross per tour, 2.2 million gross per concert, 1.3 million tickets per tour, 22,000 tickets per concert, and 60 shows performed per tour. Madonna, along with Celine Dion, is among the female artists with the most concert shows,  grossing more than 100 million as a solo headlining artist, each with five in total.

Among Madonna’s world tours, Sticky and Sweet Tour is responsible for the biggest percentage of her lifetime grosses, which is 27.1%. It is followed by MDNA at 20.3%, Confessions at 13.0%, Rebel Heart at 11.3%, Re-Invention at 8.3%, The Girlie Show at 5.2%, Drowned World at 4.9%, Blond Ambition at 3.9%, Madame X at 3.4%, Who’s That Girl at 2.2%, and The Virgin Tour at 0.4%.[6]

Madonnas World tour earnings by region

Among the five regions, Europe is Madonna’s most successful region, earning 610 million USD from 6.38 million tickets sold. Of this number, a total of 39.1% is from the Sticky and Sweet Tour, which sold 2.05 million tickets in Europe alone. This made Madonna the highest-grossing female artist of all time on the continent. [6]

Next to Europe is North America, which earned a total of 568 million USD from 5 million tickets sold. The largest part of this belongs to the MDNA tour, which is 21.6%. Next is Latin America, with 151 million USD earned from 1.90 million tickets sold. The MDNA tour is also the largest portion of this earning, which is 44.3%.[6]

Next to Latin America is Asia, where Madonna earned 133 million USD from 1.40 million tickets sold. Her Rebel Heart tour has the highest percentage for this, which is 33.6%. Madonna is the first-ever female soloist in history who earned more than 100 million from ticket sales in Asia alone. After Asia is Oceania, where she earned a total of 39.3 million from 446,000 tickets sold. She only had two concert tours on this continent. [6]

Madonna is the only female artist who earned more than 100 million USD from ticket sales on four continents. This made her the highest-grossing female live act of all time in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Madonna’s Grammy Awards: Nominations and Wins


The Grammy Award, more popularly known as Grammy, is an award given by the Recording Academy to recognize success in the music industry. Madonna is one of the female artists out there who is tough and ambitious. With that, she has also earned many Grammy nominations and wins. Here are the Grammy Award Results for Madonna:

1985 – Nomination

At the 28th Annual Grammy Awards, Madonna was nominated for the Best Pop Vocal Performance – Female for her performance in her single “Crazy for You.”

1986 – Nomination

At the 29th Annual Grammy Awards, Madonna was again nominated for Best Pop Vocal Performance – Female, for her song “Papa Don’t Preach.”

1987 – Nomination

In 1987, Madonna’s “Who’s That Girl” was nominated for the Grammys for the Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television.

1990 – Nomination

At the 33rd Annual Grammy Awards, Madonna’s “Oh Father” music video was nominated for Best Music Video – Short Form.

1991: Win

In 1991, Madonna won a Grammy Award for the Best Music Video – Long Form for her “Madonna-Blond Ambition World Tour Live.”

1994: Nominations

In the 37th Annual Grammy Awards, Madonna received two nominations, which are for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television (“I’ll Remember” – Theme from with Honors) and Best Music Video – Long Form (“The Girlie Show” – Live Down Under video).

1995: Nomination

In 1995, her Bedtime Stories album was nominated for the Best Pop Album.

1998: Wins and Nominations

In 1998, Madonna won three Grammys, which are Best Dance Recording, Best Pop Album, and Best Short Form Music Video, all for her song and album “Ray of Light.”

1999: Wins and Nominations

In the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards, Madonna won the Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media awards for her song “Beautiful Stranger,” which was from Austin Powers – The Spy Who Shagged Me. In addition to that, she was also nominated for the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance award for the same song.

2000: Nominations

In 2000, Madonna received three nominations for Grammys, which are Record of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Album, all for her Music track and album.

2001: Nomination

Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me” was nominated for Grammy’s Best Short Form Music Video award in 2001.

2003: Nominations

In 2003, she received two nominations for Best Dance Recording and Best Short Form Music Video, both for her song “Die Another Day.”

2006: Wins and Nominations

At the 49th Annual Grammy Awards, Madonna won the Best Electronic/Dance Album award for her album “Confessions On A Dance Floor.” Aside from that, she also got two nominations for Best Dance Recording (“Get Together”) and Best Long Form Music Video (“I’m Going to Tell You a Secret”).

2007: Win

At the 50th Annual Grammy Awards, Madonna won the Best Long Form Music Video award for “The Confessions Tour.”

In total, Madonna has won seven Grammy Awards. In addition to the Grammy, there are many other organizations that have awarded Madonna through the years. These include Billboard Music Awards, ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, Golden Globe Awards, International Dance Music Awards, MTV Awards, New York Music Awards, and People’s Choice Awards, to name a few.

50 Interesting Facts About Madonna

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Madonna is among the most beloved musical artists of all time. She’s a pop queen and cultural icon that has built a legacy in entertainment that surely will stand the test of time. If you are eager to learn more about her, here are some of the most interesting facts about Madonna.

  1. Madonna used to be a cheerleader at Rochester Adams High School. That’s probably where she learned her patented dance moves.[8]
  2. Madonna is a child of immigrants from Pacentro, Italy. Her mother has a diverse French-Canadian ancestry. [8]
  3. When Madonna was in New York and trying to make ends meet as a dancer, she also worked at Dunkin’ Donuts. However, she reportedly got fired after she squirted jelly at a customer.[8]
  4. After Madonna moved to New York City, she took classes at the famous Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater before she landed a gig at the Pearl Lang Dance Theater. [8]
  5. In addition to working in the entertainment industry, Madonna also used her creativity by writing more than 20 children’s books from 2003 forward. [8]
  6. Little Nonnie was Madonna’s childhood nickname. It was used to differentiate her from her mother as they have the same name as Madonna Louise. [8]
  7. In 1990, Madonna received a nomination to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but she turned down her chance. [8]
  8. Madonna has brontophobia or fear of thunder.[9]
  9. Madonna has been a vegetarian since she was 15 years old.[9]
  10. Madonna does not like the color orange.[9]
  11. Madonna’s album, “True Blue,” was dedicated to her then-husband Sean Penn, who she referred to as the coolest guy in the universe.[9]
  12. Based on a recent ancestry study, Celine Dion, Mark Wahlberg, and Gwen Stefani are Madonna’s distant relatives.[9]
  13. When Madonna was 18, she left Michigan and moved to New York. During that time, she only has $35 in her pocket.[10]
  14. Madonna was married to Sean Penn from 1985 to 1989 and to Guy Richie from 2000 to 2008. Aside from that, she has also dated many other personalities.[10]
  15. Madonna’s iconic look back in the 1980s was made by Maripol, a jewelry designer and famous stylist. [8]
  16. Her father, Tony Ciccone, opened a winery in Michigan. He sold a line of vintages named after Madonna. [8]
  17. According to Madonna, she often has OCD tendencies. She prefers things to be a certain way, specifically while on tour. [8]
  18. Madonna loves the African country Malawi. She adopted four children there, namely David, Mercy, Stelle, and Estere. [8]
  19. Madonna designed her own clothing line for H&M. [8]
  20. Over the years, Madonna had some interesting living arrangements. One of these was camping out in an abandoned synagogue in Corona, Queens, with her boyfriend Dan Gilroy. [8]
  21. Based on reports, Madonna has an IQ of 140. [8]
  22. Madonna’s halftime performance in the Super Bowl back in 2012 garnered 114 million viewers. It was more than the actual game viewers between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. [8]
  23. In 1996, Madonna played a lesbian role in the movie Four Rooms. [9]
  24. MTV banned Madonna’s “What It Feels Like” and “Justify My Love.” [9]
  25. The Beastie Boys supported Madonna during her first-ever solo tour. [9]
  26. In 1999, Madonna was named one of People magazine’s worst-dressed. [9]
  27. Originally, Madonna wanted to become a ballet dancer. [9]
  28. Madonna auditioned for the part of the high-maintenance love interest of Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard. However, the role was given to Whitney Houston. [9]
  29. Madonna’s song, “Vogue,” is a last-minute song that was never meant to be a single. However, it ended up being one of the most popular songs for the diva.[10]
  30. Madonna has the most successful career of all female artists. She has won 7 Grammys and 20 music video awards, She has been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame thrice. [10]
  31. Madonna has ten records in the Guinness Book of World Records. These include best-selling female artists and most successful female solo artists. [10]
  32. There is an organism named in honor of Madonna, which is Echiniscus Madonnae or Water Bear. It is a water-dwelling organism that can live in the worst conditions without food or water. [10]
  33. When Madonna got pregnant with her son Rocco, she suffered from the dangerous prenatal condition of placenta previa.[8]
  34. Gwyneth Paltrow was Madonna’s Maid of Honor in her 2000 wedding to Guy Ritchie. [8]
  35. While Madonna was trying to make her name as a musical artist, she founded two separate bands in New York City. [8]
  36. Since 2004, Madonna has been a follower of the Kabbalah way of life. She devoted herself to the ancient Jewish tradition. [8]
  37. In 2017, Madonna opened a children’s hospital in Malawi named Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care. It was named after her daughter. [8]
  38. Musical artist Sting was appointed by Madonna to be the godfather of her son Rocco. [8]
  39. In 1966, when Madonna was confirmed in the Catholic Church, she adopted the name Veronica as her confirmation nickname. [8]
  40. In 1992, Madonna was offered the role of Catwoman in the hit film Batman Returns. However, she turned it down, and the role was given to Michelle Pfeiffer. [8]
  41. According to Madonna’s brother, Christopher, the only thing that Madonna can cook up in the kitchen is Rice Krispy treats. [8]
  42. Madonna was named by the Recording Industry Association of America as the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century.[9]
  43. It was on New Year’s Eve of 1988 when Madonna and Sean Penn separated. [9]
  44. Celebrity Cellars produced a line of collectible wine called Madonna-Confessions on a Dance Floor. [9]
  45. Pepsi paid Madonna $5 million to film a commercial that was never aired. It was pulled out due to the controversies with her “Like a Prayer” video. [9]
  46. In 2002, Madonna was ranked number 1 on VH1’s 100 Sexiest Artists. [9]
  47. Madonna is a mother of six children. Her biological daughter Lourdes and son Rocco, and adopted children, David, Mercy, and twins Estere and Stella. [9]
  48. Some of Madonna’s other nicknames are M, Mo, and Maddy. [9]
  49. Kevin Coster called one of Madonna’s performances “neat.” After this, Madonna publicly criticized him for his choice of words.[8]
  50. Even after reaching the age of 60, Madonna still has no plans of retiring. According to her, she will only retire when she runs out of ideas to stay creative. [8]


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