Most popular US fast food Companies Sales (in Billions) Infographic

Fast food companies have a lot of potential for business in the United States. Americans love their fast food, with their patronage making sales go up further with each passing year. Of course, some fast food chains might be doing better than others. Some are even earning billions of dollars each year, with most fast food companies earning a tidy profit at the very least. The income of a certain chain is also related to how many franchises or branches it has. The more locations a business operates in, the more it can earn. While most people are aware of the benefits of home cooking, it’s now a fast food world for those who don’t have enough time or know-how to make a meal on their own. Even if someone does know how to cook, it’s likely that they will consume fast food on the weekend or whenever they want to take a break from kitchen work. 

Overall, the estimated revenue of fast food restaurants in America today is around $200 billion. This makes up more than a third of the total revenue generated by fast food chains around the world, which is an estimated $570 billion. The most popular fast food chains naturally earn more as well, with Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, and Pizza Hut ruling the roost. There are several other fast food companies worthy of mention here too, so let’s take a look at the various options divided by fast food type: 

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Annual Revenues of the Most Popular Fast Food Companies