Smartphone Market Share Worldwide 2009-2021, by Brand Infographic


The top smartphone brands in the world today include Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, etc. These names might be more or less popular according to the region you’re in, but statistics show how they dominate the global market for smartphones. 

With the passage of time, smartphone users have more expectations and preferences that decide their favorite brand. Apple’s iOS might be considered the most cutting edge smartphone technology we have for now, but the Android system is easier to use and more affordable as well. With more competition entering the market, even the top smartphone brands have to stay on their feet with the latest innovations, styles, and features. 

As of now, smartphone users have a lot of choice when they’re choosing their devices. Some smartphone brands may not be able to keep up too easily, so the newcomers overtake them fast enough. The evolution of the mobile phone market has all but eliminated any brand that fails to provide the same technology as the market leaders. The infographic below shows which brands have gained a strong base in the worldwide market for now:

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