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Human language is a complex skill. While most of the population of the world speaks English either as a First Language or a Second Language, in reality, over 7100 different languages are being spoken at one instance. Some of them may be as small as a community while others are spoken globally such as English, Mandarin, and a few others as well. We can evaluate the interesting information on human languages with the help of the following graphs. 

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Most Spoken Languages in the World (2021)

Most Spoken Languages in the World 2021

As suggested earlier, English is one of the most spoken languages natively. Besides the natives, many other nations have declared English the official language which is why it has become the most spoken language of the world. Over 1,348 million people speak English as a native language followed by Chinese with 1,120 native speakers. All other languages have 600 million or less than 600 million native speakers. Around 600 million native speakers are of Hindi while 543 million speak Spanish. Arabic, Bengali, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Urdu are spoken by 250 million native speakers each. 

Most Spoken Languages in the US (2020)

Most Spoken Languages in the United States 2020

As the national language of the US is English and it is home to one of the largest English-speaking communities, English comes on top of the most spoken languages in the US. As of 2020, there were 254 million native English speakers within the US. All other languages have a very minor proportion. Spanish is spoken by 43.2 million native speakers. 2.9 million native Chinese speakers also reside within the US followed by Tagalog native speakers at 1.6 million Vietnamese and French together have about 2.6 million native speakers, as shown in the graph.


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