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Bacon is among the most popular breakfast items in the United States and other countries. Many love bacon due to its flavor and texture, which can truly complete your morning. Many people also enjoy eating bacon any time of the day and not just during breakfast. In addition to that, bacon is being used as a versatile ingredient for other dishes and foods like pizza, sandwiches, and pasta.

Through the years, the need for meat protein has increased with the development and improvement in meat processing technology. With this, the demand for the bacon market also increases. Moreover, the increased demand for food items like appetizers, hamburgers, pizza, and breakfast sandwiches where bacon is used has also surged the demand for bacon. 

There are a lot of factors that affect the bacon industry’s rise. These include bacon production, import and export trends, consumption, etc. If you want to learn more about it, below are some interesting graphs about the bacon industry that you can check out.

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Bacon Nutrition Facts

Bacon Nutrition Facts (per 5 slices cooked)

Bacon is delicious, but some people are hesitant to eat it as they believe it is unhealthy. But when you look at the nutritional facts of 5 slices of cooked bacon as shown on the graph, it is not as bad as most people might think. It has 17.5 grams of total fat. 5.74 grams of that is saturated fat, 7.72 grams is monosaturated fat, and 1.97 grams is polyunsaturated fat. It contains 14.47 grams of protein and 0.55 grams of carbohydrate. 

Bacon is also enjoyed by people who are on a ketogenic diet as it does not contain sugar. However, you still need to keep in mind that bacon is not among the most nutritious food out there. It is still important to limit your bacon consumption as it is still high in fat. 

Import Trends of Bacon

Import Trends of the Top 10 Importers of Bacon in the World (2020)

This graph shows the import trends of the top 10 bacon importers in the world. In 2020, the United States was the top importer of bacon, with $101.21 million in revenue. Next was the United Kingdom, earning $78.44 million. These two countries are followed by France with $52.71 million, Denmark with $50.37 million, Belgium with $42.02 million, Canada with $40.79 million, Mexico with $33.39 million, Germany with $31.93 million, Italy with $29.34 million, and the Netherlands with $26.72 million. 

Export Trends of Bacon

Export Trends of the Top 10 Exporters of Bacon in the World (2020)

This graph presents the export trends of the top 10 bacon exporters worldwide. Same with bacon import trends, the top exporter of bacon in the world back in 2020 was also the United States, with a 19.9% export percentage. With this, the country was able to earn $131.73 million from bacon exports in that year. Second on the list was Canada with 15.37%, the Netherlands with 14.71%, Italy with 12.64%, Germany with 11.88%, Belgium with 6.39%, France with 4.82%, Denmark with 2.96%, Poland with 2.50%, and the United Kingdom with 2.20% export percentage.

Bacon Consumption

Amount of Bacon Eaten in the Last 30 Days in the United States (2020)

Take a look at the graph above as it presents the bacon consumption in the United States in 2020. It shows that there are 67.49 million people in the United States that consume 1 pound of bacon per 30 days, and 51.89 million people consume less than 1 pound of bacon in a month. Surprisingly, 70.2 million people in the United States have eaten 2 pounds of bacon per 30 days in 2020. There were 44.92 million people who said that they can consume 3-4 pounds of bacon in a month, while 16.39 million said that they consume 5 and more pounds of bacon per 30 days. There were only 14.37 million who said that they do not consume bacon at all. 

Top Bacon Brands in the United States

Top Refrigerated Bacon Brands in the United States (2020)

When it comes to choosing bacon brands, there are lots of options out there, and each of them offers consumers something unique. On this graph, we’ve put together the top refrigerated bacon brands in the United States in 2020. Based on research, the top bacon brand in the United States in the said year was a private label. It was able to earn $1,243,977,637, according to the Information Resources, Inc. It was followed by many known brands in the bacon industry, such as Oscar Mayer, Hormel, Wright, Smithfield, Farmland, Jimmy Dean, Bar’s, Farmer John, Sugardale, and John Morrell. 


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