The Amazing Growth of Basketball Info a Worldwide Sport Infographic

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America and the rest of the world. People love to watch the game live or on television; many may also play for recreation and exercise. Many families have a basketball hoop in their yard or garage in order to play some basketball right at home. The game is a fast-paced one and can get very exciting, honing the players’ skills, discipline, and creativity. 

Whether one is playing basketball professionally or as a hobby, this sport has brought together people from all over the world. Basketball didn’t start out as a worldwide sport, but it’s grown and developed into one over the past decades. If we look at basketball by the numbers, the sales, salaries, and overall revenue is quite impressive. When we look at the sponsorships, major celebrity players, and how important the games have become, it’s evident that basketball is a very influential sport as well. How did this game grow into a worldwide phenomenon, followed by millions of fans? Let’s have a glance at the development of basketball from 1891 to the present day:

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The Amazing Growth of Basketball Into a Worldwide Sport