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The Civil War in America is often called the bloodiest war in the history of the nation. This was when the Confederate and Union soldiers, from South and North America respectively, participated in warfare from 1861 to 1865. 

In these four years, both armies suffered from hundreds of fatalities due to poor organization and many other factors. There large and small skirmishes, with the most important ones being the Battle of Shiloh, the First Battle of Bull Run, the Battle of Gettysburg, and the Battle of Antietam. All in all, there were 50 plus major battles being fought on American soil between the Americans themselves in this Civil War. 

During this War, the President of the United States was Abraham Lincoln. The issues of central power and controversies surrounding slavery were the two main reasons for dividing the United States in this manner. The North was somewhat better prepared, with more soldiers and more resources for fighting a war. However, they also suffered a lot of casualties before finally emerging victorious. As a result, the American Constriction got certain amendments, including that of freeing slaves, giving them equal legal protection as American citizens, and allowing black males to vote.  Almost one-tenth of the soldiers in the Union Army were African American, while a third were immigrants. 

The battlefields of the Civil War still stand as historical landmarks today, though some of them have disappeared due to development and construction. All in all the Civil War skirmishes and battles took place in more than a thousand places all over the United States. The event was one that still affects American society to this date. Even after the reuniting of the states, we should keep the various battles in mind. The following infographic will help us remember some important details of each battle while reading about the timeline of the Civil War:

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