The Evolution of the Mobile Phone Market in 30 Years Infographic

Mobile phones have been around for quite some time now, but they really started to pick up and become popular around 1993. At that point, Motorola was the leading company in the market. It had almost a third of the market share and was the main pioneer in the mobile phone industry. For quite some time, its only major competitor was Nokia. 

After almost three decades, though, the market shares of Motorola and Nokia have dwindled to 2 percent and 1 percent respectively. Several new names also entered the running for the best mobile phone, including Sony and Siemens. However, when Apple came up with the revolutionary iPhone in 2007, the mobile phone industry was transformed for good. 

Today, we’re more used to smartphones than regular mobile phones. There have been a lot of innovations and developments during the evolution of the mobile phone market in the past 30 years. The following infographic touches upon the market share of various companies during this time, so let’s take a look in order to understand how things have changed since 1993:

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