Top-selling smartphones of all time Infographic

Smartphones may have been an inconceivable technology some decades ago, but now it seems like there’s one attached to every single person. Even small children have their own smartphones if not tablets to watch videos on and take online classes if required. If we were asked to spend even a day without a smartphone, it would probably be very difficult. After all, we have delegated so many daily tasks–getting directions, looking up recipes, transferring payments, communicating with others, etc.–to smartphones. However, some smartphones offer more features and might be more user-friendly than other models, making them a more popular choice. 

While the user experience of smartphones has definitely gone up in general, there are some models that just seem to do better than others. If we look at the mobile phone industry by the numbers, we will see that certain smartphone models have performed very well in the market. On a global level, the smartphone market has crossed the hundred billion dollar milestone. This means that the models who have sold the most are making a tidy profit for their companies and brands. Let’s have a look at these top-selling smartphones of all time now: 

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Top-selling smartphones of all time