Vacationing in America Graphs

Perhaps one of the most poetic ways to explain the spirit of vacations is to find joy in being lost. Of course, lost does not literally mean finding your way around, as all of us now have Google maps for navigating even in the remotest areas. Exploring new places opens up new doors of imagination and stimulates the brain.

One of the critical advantages of traveling in this era is gaining exposure to different nationalities, cultures, languages, etc. Now, if you are planning a vacation to America, you are in for heaps of relevant and helpful information. 

Exploring the USA is an ideal vacation one could get. It has everything, from beautiful coastlines to big and thriving cosmopolitan cities with the best to offer for everyone. The beautiful snow-covered mountains of Colorado call all the ice sporting enthusiasts, while the Big Apple is a haven for incredible street life 24/7! 

We have collected the factual information and presented it using interesting graphs and charts about vacationing in America. Let us dive in.

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Best Vacation Spot for Adults

Most Popular Places to Vacation in America

Vacation planning differs according to the age bracket and preferences of the travelers. Families with children might love to explore theme parks, Disney Land, libraries, and museums. On the other hand, an all-adult vacation will have a different itinerary. Adults love the beaches, trekking, climbing, adventurous rides, sightseeing, clubs, etc. 

A survey regarding the US cities that adults love to explore and include in their vacation planning revealed Hawaii as the top favorite (51%). Grand Canyon in Arizona scored the second position as the most favorite adult spot for a vacation in the US (41%). Yellowstone was the third popular vacation destination (40%), while Disneyland and Disney World followed as number four. 

The results reveal people love to stay close to nature and explore its beauty with their own eyes. Beaches always grab people’s attention, while the colorful rocky mountains of the Grand Canyon attract people for adventurous hiking. 

Top International Travel Destinations in the US

Leading City Destinations in the United States (2020)

Another helpful piece of information about vacationing in America is related to the top US travel destinations preferred by international travelers. The survey drew results by looking at the number of international arrivals in various cities of the US in 2020. 

New York City received the most international travelers during the said year (5.42 million). About 3.43 million international arrivals in Miami revealed it as the second leading international travel destination in the US, followed by Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Francisco. The 2020 pandemic also significantly affected the international travel restrictions, or the number of international travelers might have been much higher. 

Types of Vacations According to Popularity

Most popular types of vacation

Aside from deciding on a travel destination, it is also essential to set the course of your vacations by planning your type of vacation. Some people are more city people, and they love to explore big cities, eateries, parks, etc. Others only seek adventure when they are out vacationing. Therefore, the above survey reveals various popular types of vacations in the US during 2017. 

Corresponding to the survey results revealing Hawaii as the top travel destination in the US, beach vacations are the most popular (52%). Who does not love splashing water during hot summer months? Also, some people prefer making the most of their vacation expenditure and love an all-inclusive trip (33%).

Cruise trips secured third position (30%) in popularity as families with kids or some adults might prefer the peace and serenity that the cruise trips have to offer. About 29% of the survey respondents rated city trips as their preferred vacation type, following romantic getaways (27%), hiking trips (16%), skiing (7%), and golfing (4%). 

Preferred Type of Transportation by Vacationers

Types of transportation use for vacation travel (2017)

With the ever-increasing fuel rates, another essential piece of information while planning for vacations is the mode of transport available at the destination. Of all the transportation types used by vacationers in 2017 in the US, traveling by car remained the top choice, with a whopping 73% of the responders marking it.

About 69% of the travelers in the US used planes as their means of transport, which indicates international arrivals. A minimal 22% of the travelers marked their most used means of transportation for vacations as the ship, while only 11% used trains. 

The number of travelers using buses or other means of transport is merely noticeable (8 and 1%). These survey percentages might indicate the strong domestic vacation trend in the US. Most people in the US prefer using their cars for road travels, stopping in between and enjoying.  

Rate of Paid Vacation Days in Relation to the Service Length

Paid vacation days per year by service length

Planning a vacation is significantly related to the number of paid leaves people get annually. Vacations are expensive, and people cannot afford to go trekking around the country without job security as paid leaves. However, every industry and job type is different. The survey results presented in the above bar chart compare the number of annual paid leaves people get depending on their service length. 

Completing a year as a full-time employee gets you about 11 days of annual paid leaves, compared to 8 annual paid leaves for a part-time employee. Full-time employees get 15 days of annual paid leaves after five years of service, while part-time employees get 12 after the same service length.

Moreover, a full-time employee who has spent ten years in the same job receives 18 annual paid leaves compared to 14 annual paid leaves for a part-time employee. Lastly, full-time employees who complete their 20 years of service receive 20 annual paid leaves, while part-time employees receive 18 after an equal service length.

What does an Average Domestic Vacation Cost in the US?

Average vacation expenses per domestic trip {4 nights)

Money is the fundamental factor in planning any vacation. Whether domestic or international travel, one must factor in the various holiday costs before finalizing any destination or vacation type. These survey results presented above in a bar chart reveal average domestic vacation expenses in the US (for four days). 

Transportation costs the most among all other factors as it might cost you about $224. Finding a suitable lodging with all the facilities and latest amenities is the second most expensive thing during domestic traveling ($150), followed closely by food and alcohol. Entertainment is estimated to cost you about $52 during h four-day trip.

It is because vacationers are not necessarily looking to find entertainment. Instead, people love going to various places and sightseeing. 

Making an Informed Decision

Travel surveys help plan trips as they guide people beforehand about the top places to visit and how to get there. If you plan any trip to the US, it is best to go through the statistics mentioned above and survey findings to get a better picture.