Israel Historical Timeline Infographic

Israel is a unique state in more ways than one. It is the only Jewish state in the modern world. There are also several controversies surrounding it, especially its clashes with Palestine. The international community remains divided on Israel and its capital so far. 

The location of Israel is in West Asia or the Middle East, with the Mediterranean Sea to the northwest, Lebanon in the north, and Syria in the northeast. To the southeast is the country Jordan, while Egypt is at its southwest. 

While it’s only about the same size as New Jersey in America, this country has a lot to offer its residents. There are mountains with snow, dry deserts, and sandy beaches all within its boundaries. The major cities, especially Tel Aviv and Haifa, are well-developed and its residents lead a happening, modern lifestyle. However, Jerusalem remains under conflict, with both Palestinians and Israelites claiming it as their own capital. 

The issues surrounding Israel are many, but not everyone knows the history of this area. The following timeline will hopefully get us started on understanding how this state came to be. After getting to know the basics, we can then move onto looking at Israel by the numbers in more detail:

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