How is a New Dog Breed Created?

Background Dogs are among the best pets that many people have at home. They are great companions and can also provide us with lots of entertainment. You can go out for a walk with them or play a game of fetch. There are also dogs who can provide company and assistance to …

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History of Different Salsa Dance Styles

a salsa dance graphic art

Salsa is among the most popular Latin dances in the world. It originated in the Central American country of Cuba. The country’s rich musical history allowed a lot of Latin dances to thrive, grow, and transform into new forms, which led to the modern Salsa music and dance that we know today. …

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Origin of Salsa Dancing

Background There are many different types of dances in the world, representing different countries and cultures. One of the most popular dances in the world is Salsa dancing. It is a sexy, energetic, and fun partner dance, and very sociable, too. Unlike some partner dances, salsa dancing does not require you to …

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What are the Odds of Being Ambidextrous?

person holding pens on both hands

Background Handedness or hand preference is the tendency of people to be more capable and comfortable using one hand instead of the other when doing activities, such as writing and throwing a ball. It becomes increasingly apparent in early childhood and tends to be consistent throughout life. But little is known about …

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Origin of the Twinkie

Although today’s health-conscious parents may raise an eyebrow at the thought of packing Twinkies in their children’s lunchboxes, these iconic snack cakes have remained a beloved treat for almost a century. With their distinct golden sponge cake and creamy filling, Twinkies have a special place in American food culture. But what’s the …

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What Are the Odds of Pandas Being Born?

Pandas Being Born

Ready to delve into the captivating world of pandas? You’re in the right place. Pandas are unique animals that have different odds of being born than other creatures. From wildlife to location of captivity, various factors affect their survival rate. Although the overall birth rate of pandas remains alarmingly low, it’s fascinating …

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Visualizing the Size of the Largest Animals on Earth

a blue whale close to the sea surface

Background There are millions of different animals living on Earth, and they take many shapes and forms. Animals also come in a great diversity of sizes, from microscopic to gigantic. With this, have you ever wondered what the largest animals on Earth are? Since animals come in all shapes, sizes, and types, …

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Visualizing the Size of the World’s Tallest Buildings

Dubai skyscrapers

Background The skylines of different cities have always been defined by those in power during every period in history. There was a time when churches left their mark, followed by public institutions, and in the last few decades, commercial skyscrapers have been continuing to stand taller and taller. A lot of buildings …

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Things That Are Way Smaller Than One Would Think

a baby snail crawling on a kid’s finger

Background Size can expand from beyond minuscule to encompassing the whole universe and everything in between. What may be large to some organisms may seem small to others. For us, humans, small can be anything from the cells that we can’t see with our naked eye to the miniature versions of larger …

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Things That Are Way Bigger Than One Would Think

man standing in front of giant sequoia trees

Background When you ask people to think of big things, most of us might imagine mountains, tall buildings, and large animals. But there are a lot of things out there that are even bigger than most of us might expect. Have you ever experienced being surprised by the sheer size of something …

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