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Melodies and Money: Exploring the Business of Music

Melodies and Money: Exploring the Business of Music The music industry is where business and art meet. It’s an industry that takes recordings from quiet...

Interesting Facts about the Music Industry

The music industry is composed of companies and individuals who earn money by producing new songs and pieces and selling live concerts, endorsements, and...

Music Industry Sales – Share of Total Volume By Format and Genre (Select top genres) Infographic

The business of making music has a lot of potential for making money. There are many income opportunities within this industry, with all sorts...


How Was the Voice-Over for Space Brothers Recorded in Space?

Space Brothers' voice-over recorded in orbit by astronaut Akihiko Hoshide, showcasing a groundbreaking blend of space exploration and anime production.

Why Is Akira Considered the Most Technologically Advanced Anime?

Navigate the groundbreaking realm of Akira, where over 160,000 hand-drawn images revolutionized anime with unparalleled detail and innovation.

What Inspired the Name and Story of the Anime Bleach?

Find out how Tite Kubo's blend of soul purification themes and Western music influences inspired the iconic name and story of 'Bleach'.