The Haunted History of the White House


The White House, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., has stood as the official residence and workplace of every U.S. President since John Adams, the second US President. It has a rich history dating back to its construction in the late 18th century. Over the years, it has been the center of political power and a symbol of American democracy. However, beyond its historical significance, this iconic structure is also known for its stories of supernatural occurrences and ghostly encounters. 

In this post, we will delve into the haunted history of the White House, exploring the eerie tales and legends that have surrounded this famous building for centuries. While exploring these stories, we will also question whether these tales are mere superstitions and folklore or if there might be some truth to the ghostly occurrences that have been reported by presidents, first ladies, and other visitors to the White House. Let’s uncover the mysteries that shroud this iconic residence.

Origins and Early Superstitions

The construction of the White House began in 1792, with a design by architect James Hoban. [1] As the cornerstone of a fledgling nation, its construction was emblematic of the aspirations and ideals of a new democracy. Slaves, artisans, and laborers worked tirelessly to bring James Hoban’s neoclassical design to life. 

However, the building process was plagued with challenges. Accidents on the construction site claimed lives, and disputes over wages and conditions were common. Some attributed these hardships to supernatural forces, believing that the spirits of those who suffered during construction still lingered within its walls.

Early Anecdotes and Folklore

As the White House neared completion, stories of strange occurrences began to circulate. Workers and visitors reported hearing unexplained noises, like the echoes of hammering or whispers in empty rooms. They felt inexplicable chills and sensations of being watched. These accounts gave rise to rumors of a haunted White House.

Early Presidential Superstitions

John Adams, along with his wife Abigail, became the first presidential occupants of the White House in 1800. [2] Their stay was marked by unsettling encounters. The Adamses reported hearing ghostly footsteps in the corridors and encountering a spectral woman in the East Room. These experiences left an indelible mark on the first family and set the stage for the White House’s haunted history.

The supernatural encounters continued with Thomas Jefferson’s arrival. He claimed to have heard unexplained noises and felt eerie presences within the mansion. Subsequent presidents, including James Madison and James Monroe, also reported their own paranormal experiences, reinforcing the belief that the White House was home to restless spirits. [3] 

These early presidential superstitions laid the foundation for a legacy of ghostly tales and added layers of intrigue to the history of America’s most famous residence.

Notable Ghost Stories


Areas of Haunting

Abraham Lincoln's Ghost

Lincoln Bedroom, the Yellow Oval Room, and the hallway outside the Lincoln Bedroom.

Andrew Jackson's Presence

The Rose Bedroom and the Queen's Bedroom.

Abigail Adams

East Room, where she is often seen hanging laundry.

Willie Lincoln

Second-floor hallway outside the Lincoln Bedroom.

The White House, with its rich history, has amassed a collection of intriguing ghost stories over the years. These tales often involve former presidents and their families, leaving a lasting impression on both residents and visitors.

Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost

a portrait of Abraham Lincoln

The most famous White House ghost is that of Abraham Lincoln. His presence has been reported by numerous individuals, including presidents, First Ladies, and the staff. Sightings often describe a tall, melancholic figure in a top hat wandering the halls, particularly in the Lincoln Bedroom. [4] President Teddy Roosevelt even claimed to have seen Lincoln’s ghost while he was in the bath, resulting in his hurried exit from the room.

Significance of His Presence

The frequent sightings of Lincoln’s ghost have left an enduring impression on the White House’s history. Many believe that Lincoln’s spirit may be tied to the turbulent times during his presidency, especially the Civil War. His ghostly presence serves as a reminder of the weighty decisions made within these walls and the nation’s enduring legacy.

Andrew Jackson’s Presence

Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) on engraving from 1834

Andrew Jackson, a two term U.S. President, was known for his strong-willed personality. Even in the afterlife, Jackson’s presence is said to have lingered in the White House. Some accounts tell of distinct sounds, like heavy footsteps and raucous laughter, that are attributed to Jackson. [5] These encounters have given rise to the belief that his spirit continues to haunt the halls.

Historical Context

Jackson’s association with the White House reflects his strong presence in American history. His encounters are a testament to his passionate and sometimes controversial legacy as a leader.

The Ghost of Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams on engraving from 1873

The presence of Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams and the second First Lady of the United States, is another well-documented ghostly tale. Witnesses have described seeing her in the East Room, often carrying a load of laundry. She appears as a serene and calming presence. [6] 

Significance of Her Presence

Abigail Adams is remembered for her intelligence and strength as a First Lady. Her continued presence in the White House may symbolize the enduring role of women in American history and politics. Her sightings are seen as a tribute to her contributions and a connection to the past.

These notable ghost stories add an intriguing layer of history and mystique to the White House, making it not just the seat of government but a place where the past and present intertwine in unexpected ways.

Other Supernatural Encounters

Besides its presidential residents and their ghostly apparitions, the White House also harbors a multitude of lesser-known supernatural encounters. These eerie occurrences involve mysterious figures, unsettling noises, and unexplained phenomena that have left both visitors and staff members bewildered.

The British Soldier

The tale of the British soldier haunting the White House can be traced back to the War of 1812 when British forces set fire to the presidential mansion in 1814. [7] According to legend, a soldier met his demise within its walls during this tumultuous period.

Reported Sightings

Over the years, individuals have claimed to witness the apparition of a British soldier holding a torch roaming in the grounds of the White House. These sightings often describe a soldier in redcoat uniform, adding to the eerie nature of the encounters. While the soldier’s identity remains a mystery, the connection to a pivotal moment in American history makes this apparition a haunting reminder of the past.

The Demon Cat

The Demon Cat, or “D.C.,” is a legendary feline presence said to roam the halls of the White House. Its origins are shrouded in folklore, with some tales suggesting it’s an omen of impending disaster. According to one version, the cat’s eerie cries are a warning of ill fortune.

Encounters and Descriptions

Visitors and staff members have reported eerie encounters with the Demon Cat. [8] Descriptions vary, but it’s often described as a large, shadowy cat with piercing, glowing eyes. Witnessed primarily during moments of crisis or national upheaval, the presence of the Demon Cat has fueled superstitious beliefs about its role in predicting significant events.

The Thing

Among the tales of the supernatural lies the enigmatic story of the “Thing.” In 1911, a mysterious presence, believed to be a 15-year-old boy, sent shivers down the spines of the Taft domestic staff. This elusive specter was known to manifest itself through a gentle pressure on one’s shoulder, as if a curious observer were peering over. President Taft took the matter seriously, instructing his military aide, Major Archibald Butt, to intervene. Major Butt, in turn, issued a stern warning to the White House staff: any repetition of tales concerning the “Thing” would result in dismissal. [9] 

While the exact origins and nature of the “Thing” remain obscure, this haunting episode serves as a testament to the enduring mystery that surrounds the White House.

David Burnes 

David Burnes, the original owner of the land upon which the White House stands today is also said to be haunting the historic residence. Reports suggest that his presence has been sensed and even heard within the White House’s Yellow Oval Room. [10] 

The lingering connection between Burnes and the place he once owned serves as a reminder of the White House’s deep historical roots.

Anna Surratt

Another compelling tale of spectral encounters at the White House involves Anna Surratt. Anna, desperate to secure a pardon for her mother, Mary Surratt, a conspirator in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, visited the White House during President Andrew Johnson’s tenure. She would bang on the doors, fervently pleading for a meeting with the President. 

Although these impassioned pleas fell upon deaf ears, Anna’s haunting presence at the White House resonates with the enduring narratives of those who sought solace and redemption within its walls. [11] 

Various Unidentified Apparitions

Beyond the well-known ghostly figures, the White House has been the site of numerous sightings of unidentified apparitions. Witnesses have reported encounters with figures dressed in historical clothing, strange noises, and inexplicable sensations. These encounters are diverse and span various time periods, adding to the mansion’s enigmatic aura.

Speculations and Theories

Speculations about these unidentified apparitions vary widely. Some believe they might be residual energy from the countless events and individuals who have passed through the White House over the centuries. Others suggest they could be the spirits of lesser-known historical figures. Regardless of their origin, these mysterious encounters contribute to the enduring reputation of the White House as a place where history and the supernatural seem to intertwine.

Presidential Reactions and Beliefs

The White House under dark stormy clouds

The White House, a symbol of American power and history, is also the stage for numerous tales of the supernatural. Reports of ghostly apparitions, unexplained sounds, and eerie encounters have long been part of its lore. How have the U.S. presidents reacted to these inexplicable phenomena?

Reactions to Supernatural Occurrences

Presidents have exhibited diverse reactions to reports of supernatural occurrences. For instance, Abraham Lincoln was known for his openness to the idea of ghosts. He reported seeing the apparition of his son, Willie, in the White House after Willie’s death. [12] 

James Madison, on the other hand, believed that tales of hauntings were mere superstitions and entirely dismissed the idea of ghosts.

Impact on Presidential Activities

The impact of these experiences on presidential activities has been noteworthy. After the loss of his son, Abraham Lincoln reportedly became more contemplative and somber, which some attribute to his supernatural encounters. The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill reported having encountered the ghost of Abraham Lincoln and subsequently refused to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom. [13] Such encounters have occasionally influenced where presidents and their families choose to spend their time in the White House. 

Presidential Superstitions and Rituals

Presidents, like many individuals, have their own personal superstitions. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was known to be superstitious about sitting at a table with thirteen guests. He would never light three cigarettes and wear the same tattered fedora during his presidential campaigns for good luck. [14] Ronald Reagan had a belief in astrology and would schedule events to match the alignment of stars. [15] 


The White House’s rich history, spanning centuries and hosting a multitude of leaders, also harbors a tapestry of legends, superstitions, and unexplained phenomena. These tales, spanning from the earliest days of construction to more recent times, add a layer of intrigue and mystique to the history of this iconic residence.

While skeptics and believers continue to debate the validity of these accounts, the stories of ghostly encounters and inexplicable occurrences persist. These stories of the supernatural, with their unique blend of fact and folklore, remind us that the people and events that have shaped the nation’s history are not confined to textbooks, but also linger within the historic walls of the White House.


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